Counter-Strike 2 Players Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson

Counter-Strike 2 creates new bug that turns players into Michael Jackson.

Counter-Strike 2 Players Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson


  • Counter-Strike 2 creates new and funny bug, some comparing it to the late singer Michael Jackson's iconic dance moves.
  • Players have attempted to get Valve's attention to fix bug.
  • Until the fix comes, players have given the hilarious an even funnier name.
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Counter-Strike 2 has been out for a few weeks now, and so far it has had a lot of positive responses from players, as thousands log on every day. These positive responses haven’t lasted long, however, as there have been a few different glitches and exploits that have been popping up within the game.


One such bug that has caused a lot of gamers to both be confused and laugh is an unknown issue that causes players to take a page out of Michael Jackson’s book, as they defy gravity and lean around corners in an incredibly comedic way.

What Is Causing This Bug, And Why Is It So Funny?

Due to some investigating, players have discovered that this isn’t a bug that is caused by any kind of hacking or cheat software but is just a general bug created within the game itself. Due to this, players are torn about whether to be angry or laugh at this bug when they are killed by it.


The way this bug works is due to the game mechanics not being able to communicate with each other, as when a player zooms in with their scope as they are running, the game doesn’t understand the change of speed, which causes the player’s legs to stop, but the person’s body continues, leading to all these smooth criminals running around.

As always, when a new bug is found within a game, there are always those who are willing to use this bug to gain an edge within the game. This has led to some gamers attempting to mimic the bug effects using an analog keyboard and console commands so that they can do this whenever they want.

Even though there are those who are looking to take advantage of this bug, the Counter-Strike 2 community is willing to let it slide for now due to how incredibly funny it is, to the point where some are even calling it “HEE HEE PEEK” in tribute to Michael Jackson.


How Long Will This Bug Be Active In Counter-Strike 2?

At the moment, the Counter-Strike 2 community is letting this bug slide a little bit due to its comedic factor, but that doesn’t mean they are doing anything as the Counter-Strike 2 subreddit is being flooded with videos of the “HEE HEE PEEK” to try and increase its popularity.

The current plan is that if the Counter-Strike 2 community can get this bug a lot of popularity on the subreddit, then it may catch Valve’s attention and encourage it to speed up the process of repairing the bug in the game.

So far, we do not know whether or not this has caught the attention of Valve and its developers who work on Counter-Strike 2, but it can be assumed that once Valve is made aware of this issue, it will be fixed within a few days.


This isn’t the first issue that the Counter-Strike 2 community has made Valve aware of, as there have already been a few comments raised about tick speed and unfair peeking, and when you add the “HEE HEE PEEK“, it just adds another issue to resolve.

What do you think about the “HEE HEE PEEK“? Do you find this new bug funny, or would you find it frustrating to be killed by this bug? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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