Court Bars Amber Heard From Using Leaked Bloody Lip Photo in Johnny Depp Trial

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation trial is ongoing. The trial began on April 11 and is on hold for the week. Johnny Depp has already presented his side of the case. But the actor might have to return to the stand after May 16. The Aquaman actress has also taken the stand the last week and testified against her ex-husband. The actress has accused him of physical and sexual assaults. A number of photos and objects have been presented as proof. The opposing party has denied the claims. Amid these claims, Judge Penny Azcarate asked the actress’s lawyers not to present the bloody lip photo as evidence.


Judge denies Amber Heard to use bloody lip photo as evidence

Judge denies Amber Heard to use bloody lip photo as evidence
The judge denies the use of a bloody lip photo as evidence

The judge of the defamation trial, Penny Azcarate has denied the bloody lip photo that went viral to be used as evidence. It is because the image wasn’t submitted during the discovery phase. It happened before the trial began. Also, it has gone viral and circulating all over social media. In the image, Amber Heard has a wounded lip and also has a note in the background allegedly written by Depp. The note reads: “I shall return xxx.” According to the metadata, the photo is from 2012.

The image was not presented before by Amber Heard's' team
The image was not presented before by Amber Heard’s team

The photo was presented as evidence against Depp hitting his ex-wife and injuring her with his rings. Heard’s team has said, “The panicked Depp’s team is fighting tooth and nail to prevent compelling evidence and photos such as this from being introduced. They continue their losing strategy: distract the jury and demonize the defendant.”


Also, Amber Heard has said on the stand, “I was in one of these fights, I believe it’s this one, in his downtown ECB, we call it, loft, and we’re in the kitchen living room area and he backhands me… And… he wears a lot of rings. I remember the kind of just feeling like my lip went into my teeth, and it got a little blood on the wall. Just that simple, a little bit of blood on the wall.”

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial updates

Amber Heard describes instances of abuse
Amber Heard describes instances of abuse

The defamation trial is being held in Fairfax, Virginia. The actor has sued his ex-wife for the article she wrote in Washington Post. Also, the fans of Depp are in support of their favorite celeb. And they have joined forces to prove him innocent. On the other hand, the actress is trying to prove that she was really a victim and none of the claims was a lie.

The proceedings of the case are being streamed online. It will resume next Monday, with some key witnesses.


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