CrazyGames Takes Away a Roblox “Hassle” and Announces New Features to Bring Online Gaming Back to Simpler Times

There's no need to download players to enjoy games with friends.



  • Online multiplayer gaming is going back to its roots with CrazyGames.
  • The Belgium-based platform has added four new features for its users.
  • Players will be able to join games with their friends through a single click.
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For those gamers who reminisce about the simpler era of online gaming, CrazyGames is ensuring that it preserves the feeling one used to get by just opening a browser, searching for a game, and playing it without going through any additional hassles. There’s not any doubt that multiplayer gaming has evolved throughout the last decade, but with the existence of players such as Call of Duty HQ and Roblox Player, installations have become something that can’t be avoided.


Founded in 2014, CrazyGames is still going strong, and with its latest features, it has the potential to become one of the most convenient online gaming platforms.

CrazyGames Makes Online Multiplayer Gaming More Convenient

CrazyGames will now let players connect with one another through just a single click.
CrazyGames will now let players connect with one another through just a single click.

With a huge variety of online video games for gamers to play and keep themselves occupied, CrazyGames does not require its users to download or install any external applications to proceed with their gaming sessions. Reminiscent of the good old glory days of Miniclip, the Belgium-based gaming website is taking it multiple steps further.


It is now allowing gamers to play with their friends online through just a simple click with its brand new feature. Which means that if one is tired of waiting in lobbies to start an online multiplayer match with their fellow players, then they would likely appreciate the seamless experience that the platform is aiming to provide.

At CrazyGames, our mission is to deliver top-quality games that people can enjoy together without the hassle of installations or purchases,” stated CEO Raf Mertens in a press release regarding the accessibility options the platform provides.

Making the process of inviting and joining friends’ games much more convenient, the website’s vision of removing any kind of effort to play online multiplayer titles has taken a step forward, even if it may not be as big as Roblox just yet.


The Belgium-Based Website Gets Three New Additional Features

With thousands of games to play in a variety of genres, the platform is focusing on making the online gaming experience effortless.
With thousands of games to play in a variety of genres, the platform is focusing on making the online gaming experience effortless.

Aside from the standout 1-Click Play Together feature, CrazyGames has also included three additional features to make its platform more seamless for the users.

The first of these new features is making it much easier to connect with friends on the website, removing the extra steps that are usually required to find and add other players. Gamers will now also have an option to see the current activity status of their friends, clearly showing which games they are playing and if they are even ready for a new gaming session.

Finally, players will be able to customize their CrazyGames profiles to make them stand out on the platform, with the option to change their names and showcase their in-game stats. “It marks the beginning of our journey to redefine social gaming and elevate web games to compete with traditional gaming platforms,” continued Mertens about the new features introduced to CrazyGames.


Gamers have already witnessed the potential of similar platforms like Roblox, and it would definitely be interesting to see what CrazyGames has in store for its users next.

Have you checked out the new features? What is your favorite game on the platform? Let us know in the comments!


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