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19 Movie Scenes So Cringey We Would Rather Gouge Our Eyes Out Than Watch Them Again

Some movie scenes are way too cringey to watch. Everyone must have experienced this feeling while watching some movies. Here is a list of 19 Cringey movie scenes that will make you close your eyes.

1. Lara Jean’s lip sync of the moral of the story from “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” was cringeworthy for many. The film was so good, but this scene, in particular, was too cringey.

2. Elisa, in the movie “The Shape Of Water”, makes a bizarre hand gesture to explain how the creature’s penis works. That moment was just too disgusting to watch.

3. A daughter trying to kiss her father!! This scene from the movie “17 Again” was so damn gross when Maggie attempted to kiss Mike.

4. Another cringe-worthy scene in “A Star Is Born” was when Jackson walked on the stage and peed his pants while Ally was receiving a Grammy. The scene was uneasy to watch; anyone could barely watch it.

5. In the movie “Bring It On: All Or Nothing”, there was a dance-off, and the entire scene was so cringey.

6. The whole movie “Master of Disguise” was awful, but the turtle club scene, in particular, was the worst.

7. Every time Fletcher from the movie “Liar Liar” told the truth to anyone, it looked so horrible, but the elevator scene, in particular, was so cringey. Fletcher literally couldn’t stop staring at the woman’s boobs; he just kept talking about them. It made everyone so uncomfortable.

8. Faking an orgasm in a diner in front of everyone!! I think this was the grossest scene in “When Harry Met Sally.”

9. Dance-off scenes can be cringey at times, and here is another example of it from the movie “White Chicks.”

10. In “22 Jump Street,” Schmidt performed a slam poem on the spot; if you’ll ask me, it was very quotable.

11. In the “School of Rock” film, Dewey’s real identity gets exposed in front of every parent when he chooses all the wrong words to describe everything he’s been doing in the School.

12. The threesome scene in particular from “Zoolander” was so cringey, it might be funny to some, but it was just awful for many to watch.

13. So many people loved the movie “Moulin Rouge,” but the scene where Satine starts moaning and screaming gets very awkward to watch. You’ll feel like closing your eyes and ears at that point.

14. In the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, when Mrs. Doubtfire is exposed as Daniel; this scene will make you want to get up and move out of the room.

15. If you watch the movie “Spider-Man 3,” you’ll not be able to watch it again, especially the dance scene!

16. In “She’s the Man,” Viola gets a little too carried away while expressing her feelings as Sebastian.

17. The sex scene from the movie ‘Superbad’ was really “Superbad” to watch.

18. In the movie “Just Like Heaven,” when David is trying to tell Elizabeth’s sister that he’s seeing her ghost every now and then.

19. Ending the list of cringey movie scenes with “The House Bunny” movie. When Shelley goes on a second date with Oliver and says something embarrassing.


Written by FandomWire Staff