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10 Cute Comics Every Cat Owner Would Relate To

A 22-year-old Dutch artist named Red from the past few years has been creating comics.

But sadly she found losing hope and interest in her work for creating art, that is when she bought a kitten home and named her Sweety.

On bringing sweety home Red noticed all the silly little oddity sweety had and as soon she opened-up with red creativity walloped Red’s mind and she started making comics on all the little things no matter how foolish they were with her cat sweety.

And soon she started posting them on her Instagram handle and people started to love it.

All the gags she had with her cat were being posted in the form of a comic book at a period of every two weeks.

Scroll down to glance at them by yourself and we are sure you will laugh about it.

1 Put Me Down:

2 No Touch Only Look:

3 A Card Game:

4 The Blanket Of Comfort:

5 Cuddles:

6 The Cat Bakery:

7 Comfiness Scale:

8 Good Morning Rather A Scary Morning:

9 Give Me My Food:

10 Fresh Laundry:


Source: @sweetycomics




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