Cyberpunk 2077 to Get New Hot Gameplay Elements With Update 2.1

CD Projekt Red keeps the momentum going.

Cyberpunk 2077 to Get New Hot Gameplay Elements With Update 2.1


  • Cyberpunk 2077 is already getting another update called 2.1.
  • CD Projekt Red will provide more details during REDstreams tomorrow.
  • The stream will take place at 4 PM CET on the studio's Twitch channel.
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Cyberpunk 2077 has been on an amazing upward spiral ever since CD Projekt Red almost completely fixed its ambitiously flawed project with the highly anticipated Update 2.0 two months ago in September. Shortly after the patch was officially released, the developer and publisher launched a massive expansion for the game called Phantom Liberty, which proved to be an additional cherry on top of an already amazing experience.

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For those somehow unaware of why the successful turnaround of Cyberpunk 2077 is such a significant moment in the video game industry, it is because CD Projekt Red’s long-awaited title was riddled with game-breaking bugs and technical issues, leading to extreme backlash from players all across the world.


Fortunately, CD Projekt Red took the mass criticism to heart and is continuing to ensure that Cyberpunk 2077 only gets better for the community, announcing in a surprise post that the game is getting yet another update in less than a week.

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Already Getting Another Update Called 2.1

CD Projekt Red is already releasing another update for Cyberpunk 2077 called 2.1.
CD Projekt Red is already releasing another update for Cyberpunk 2077, called 2.1.

CD Projekt Red announced on the official Cyberpunk 2077 website that it will be hosting a new episode of REDstreams to give more details about the upcoming Update 2.1 for the game. The studio asked fans to “Tune in” to find out exactly what the new patch is set to include. The announcement came just around a week after CD Projekt Red officially revealed the existence of Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition while also sharing its cover art with the fans.


The developer and publisher confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition will be available early next month, on December 5, 2023. But that is not all that the game’s player base has to look forward to because, along with the definitive version of the title, CD Projekt Red will also launch a brand new and completely free Update 2.1 for both the base game and Phantom Liberty on current-gen consoles and PC.

Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Windows gamers will get to experience “new and hotly anticipated gameplay elements” when the latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 releases in less than a week.


It has been two months since the previous instalment of REDstreams came out, during which key individuals from CD Projekt Red sit down and discuss major developments regarding everything related to Cyberpunk 2077.

The same is the case with the upcoming episode of the show, which will take place tomorrow, December 1, at 4 PM CET. Fans would have to head on over to CD Projekt Red’s official Twitch channel to watch the detailed discussion about Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition and Update 2.1.


The Cyberpunk 2077 fans will be welcomed by hosts Amelia Kolat and Alicja Kozera as usual, both of whom are the Senior Community Managers at CD Projekt Red.

But this time around, they will have none other than Quest Director Pawel Sasko joining them to talk extensively about the upcoming “features and changes,” since each episode of REDstreams usually has a runtime of around an hour. In addition to Sasko, Producer Monika Janowska will also be present to address everything that the studio has planned for Cyberpunk 2077 in the near future.


REDstreams Will Feature Sweet Cyberpunk 2077 Surprises

Catch the latest instalment of REDstreams on December 1 at 4 PM CET to find out more about Cyberpunk 2077's Update 2.1.
The new REDstreams instalment will discuss Cyberpunk 2077‘s Update 2.1 on December 1 at 4 PM CET.

To get the Cyberpunk 2077 fanbase even more hyped up about the announcement, CD Projekt Red also revealed that the upcoming episode of REDstreams will feature “a few nice surprises” that will come with Update 2.1, so it should most definitely not be missed if one has been enjoying the latest developments in the game.

On the studio’s official discussion forum, the community expressed its thoughts regarding the newly announced patch, with one player calling the prospect “exciting.”


However, another individual pointed out that recently, CD Projekt Red stated that Cyberpunk 2077 will just receive “One more patch,” which suggests that Update 2.1 could be the absolute final patch that the game gets, meaning that the developer will no longer be fixing the game after this.

Although Update 2.0 almost completely fixed Cyberpunk 2077‘s long list of bugs and issues, some players are still facing “a lot of problems,” and it is very unlikely that the upcoming Update 2.1 will be able to take care of all of the reported errors. Fans would just have to wait for CD Projekt Red to explain the aforementioned “hotly anticipated” features in the REDstreams episode tomorrow.


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