Cyberpunk 2077 Took Its Time, But Steam Reviews Are Finally Very Positive for the Sci-fi RPG

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Just shy of nearly 3 years since it’s initial release, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally receiving positive reviews. Whilst many gamers might simply not care any longer, the title has finally hit a significant milestone. All good things come to those who wait, right?


The CDPR team who are still working on the title, have reportedly got grounds for celebration. At the time of writing there were around 540,000 reviews on Steam and it has seen itself move into an overall score of ‘Very Positive’, with around 80% of gamers favouring the title with a positive review.

Cyberpunk 2077
A turnaround in fortunes for what was, a huge buggy mess

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So while the reviews recently have been favourable, it has taken this amount of time and this volume of reviews to have it finally in this position. Let’s not forget the shambolic debut which was probably one of the worst, if not THE worst debuts for a game of all time.

When it launched on PC, it was seen as being less buggy than consoles but that being said, there were many missing features and the backlash from PC users echoed the disappointment of console gamers.

It has been a long road to redemption and to be fair, CDPR have been squirrelling away furiously trying to repair the damage that was done upon release. This has seen them optimising performance and what can only be thousands of bug fixes. Not only that, more recently there has been the  implementation of new game-play additions and quality of life improvements.


With the addition of an ‘Overdrive’ ray-tracing mode, the game is being regarded as the single best-looking PC game on the market currently. But that’s only if users have the capacity to run those advanced settings!

So while there is a turnaround in fortunes for this game, these might not be fully completed until we see the release of the Phantom Liberty expansion towards the end of September. This promises to be absolutely huge and is said be larger in budge than that of The Wticher: Blood and Wine. Now with this expansion we’re not only seeing new story components, CDPR have promised a ‘massive’ overhaul on aspects such as Police AI, skill trees and just all round fundamentals of the game.

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Cyberpunk 2077 was always a great game at it’s core. It has a really enjoyable main storyline and the NPC side-storylines are all pretty amazing as well. But with that being said, CDPR still have MAJOR lessons to learn in having an amazing title that’s ready to go at launch and not having to spending consecutive years following up with thousands of bug fixes.

What’s your thoughts on the Cyberpunk 2077 title?

Cyberpunk 2077
It may have taken a while but Cyberpunk 2077 finally rates positively

Are you excited for the Phantom Liberty expansion dropping in September or have you passed the point of no return? We know that some players got so fed up with how buggy it was, they never ventured back. But what’s your opinion on the game? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know!

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