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Dakota Johnson Leaves Luca Guadagnino Red-Faced, Claims Armie Hammer Nearly Ate Her in Call Me By Your Name: “Who knew cannibalism was so popular?”

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At the Opening Night of Sundance presented by IMDbPro, Dakota Johnson made a controversial joke about her The Social Network co-star, Armie Hammer, and the accusations of sexual misconduct and r*pe made against him. She jokingly says she might have been another woman that Hammer tried to eat, had she been cast in the iconic romantic film, Call Me By You Name.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson’s Jabbing Humour at Hammer

The Sundance Institute International Icon Award was being presented to Luca Guadagnino, 51. Dakota Johnson while praising the director, Luca Guadagnino, added a shocking quip about Armie Hammer, referencing the disturbing allegations made against Hammer. During the speech she joked that she was almost cast as the iconic ‘peach’ from the movie. She says

Sadly, I wasn’t in Call Me By Your Name. Luca had asked me to play the role of the peach, but our schedules conflicted. Thank God, though, because I would’ve been another woman that Armie Hammer had tried to eat.”

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Luca Guadagnino
Luca Guadagnino

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Dakota Johnson’s comment received a mix reaction from the audience, with some laughs and applause, but also an awkward pause. Johnson added, “Who knew cannibalism was so popular? referring to Guadagnino’s most recent project, Bones and All.

Allegations of Cannibalistic Fantasies

Armie Hammer has kept a low profile since being accused of r*pe by a woman known as Effie and facing allegations of sexual misconduct from exes Courtney Vucekovich and Paige Lorenze.

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Armie Hammer.
Armie Hammer.

The accusations have sparked a wave of distaste and disgust among the public, and Hammer’s career and reputation have been greatly affected by these claims.

Vucekovich, the founder of glamour app Flashd, has alleged that Hammer expressed his desire to “barbecue and eat” her during their courtship. Lorenze has also claimed that Hammer used a knife to carve the letter “A” near her v*gina. Hammer has denied these allegations through statements from his attorney, claiming that all of his interactions with these women were consensual.

Courtney Vucekovich
Courtney Vucekovich

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Dakota Johnson’s joke at the Opening Night of Sundance about her co-star Armie Hammer and the accusations of sexual misconduct and r*pe made against him, although intended to be humorous, highlights the gravity of the situation and the severity of the allegations. It’s important to remember that these are serious accusations and to wait for the outcome of any potential legal proceedings before passing judgement.

Source: Page Six

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