Damning Allegations on Julia Roberts by Dead Sister’s Fiancé Threatens to Ruin her Reputation

Sister's fiancé won't let go of bullying claims against Julia Roberts

Damning Allegations on Julia Roberts by Dead Sister’s Fiancé Threatens to Ruin her Reputation


  • Nancy Motes' fiancé continues allegations Julia Roberts bullied her before her 2014 suicide.
  • He claims Roberts banned Motes from seeing their ill mother before she died in 2015.
  • Accusations threaten to impact Roberts' reputation, but she hasn't addressed them
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Years after the tragic death of Julia Roberts’ half-sister Nancy Motes, damaging accusations from Motes’ grieving fiancé John Dilbeck still threaten to tarnish the Oscar winner’s reputation.


Motes, a dog trainer, died by suicide at age 37 in February 2014 after years of turmoil involving Roberts. As per Dailymail, in her suicide note, Motes directly blamed the Hollywood icon for “bullying” her about her weight and causing her deep depression.

What does Nancy Motes’ fiancé allege Julia Roberts did?

julia roberts in steel magnolias
Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias

According to The Sun, in an interview, Dilbeck doubled down on his previous claims that Julia Roberts intimidated Motes and deliberately kept her from spending time with their ailing mother Betty Lou Motes in her final years.


Dilbeck stated: “Julia always felt that Nancy had her time with their mother, now it’s her turn, as if she was a toy or animal…There should be no Betty and Nancy.”

Dilbeck contends that Roberts mistreated other relatives as well beyond just her younger half-sister Motes.

He stated: “They never acknowledged her existence, just like when she was alive. Out of sight, out of mind, as long as the world never hears about it, then it doesn’t matter.”

He alleged Roberts used her power of attorney over their mother, who had lung cancer, to control Motes’ access to her before she died in early 2015. Dilbeck also claimed Roberts had Motes banned from holiday celebrations with their mother and relatives.

Roberts has never directly addressed the specific allegations of bullying and mistreatment from Dilbeck and her late sister. She has not publicly commented on the anniversary of Motes’ suicide in the years since. The superstar’s representatives did not respond to requests from media outlets to address Dilbeck’s latest accusations.


How has this impacted Julia Roberts’ reputation?

Julia Roberts as Susie Moss in Friends
Julia Roberts as Susie Moss in Friends

While Roberts remains one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and beloved actresses, the highly disturbing allegations have no doubt taken a toll and introduced doubts amongst some fans.

However, the claims have not greatly impacted her success or seemingly changed public perception in recent major roles. For instance, Roberts’ 2022 romantic comedy Ticket To Paradise with George Clooney earned over $160 million globally.

She also continues advocacy work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador focused on children’s rights and wellbeing. Nonetheless, the fact that Dilbeck’s damning narrative still circulates likely remains an underlying frustration and pain point for Roberts. 


Could Nancy Motes’ death still damage Julia Roberts’ image?

Julia Roberts in Leave the World Behind
Julia Roberts in Leave the World Behind

According to Dailymail, Dilbeck still is devasted by Motes’ death,

“The note makes it very clear how horrible and wretched Julia had tormented Nancy her whole life. It showed the despair Nancy felt. It’s so heartbreaking,” he said.

If true, this alleged pattern of intimidation and exclusion towards her extended family would certainly contradict Roberts’ warm, compassionate public persona.

While unproven, that dichotomy could alter public perceptions if additional evidence or first-hand accounts emerge. For now, the actress has avoided substantial career blowback, but the questions surrounding her relatives’ claims still present a looming issue she has not directly confronted.


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