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“Dare I say it….”: Kevin Feige Slams People Who Find Comic Book Movies Bizarre, Claims If They Can Believe in Space Operas Then Why Not Superheroes

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The Marvel Boss Kevin Feige has created one of the most successful and biggest movie franchises in Hollywood history. With his involvement in the MCU, it has become a global phenomenon with a box-office total of over $28 billion across 30 movies.

But even the biggest franchise in the world isn’t immune to faults and has received extensive criticism over the years from many big names in the industry. But the Marvel boss finally reflected on the accusations on his beloved genre and called the haters out.

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Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige claps back at Superhero genre haters

The superhero genre has been criticized on numerous occasions by many celebrated directors including James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Denis Villeneuve, etc. But the Marvel Boss Kevin Feige finally slams back at the accusations made against his beloved genre.

In a recent podcast, Kevin Feige reflected on the criticisms against superhero movies. He spoke out against the people who slander Superhero movies just because of their relation to comic-book and ridicules them as a whole. He explains that the superhero genre is just another art form for storytelling with more fantastical ideas, adventures, and themes. He then states,

“There were some people, who couldn’t get past a four-color, printed, two-dimensional story. You know, they just couldn’t do that. Just like today, dare I say it. The people who can’t get past a genre story or something that’s in space, or people who can breathe underwater. ’No, not for me.’”

The Marvel producer Nate Moore rides along Kevin Feige and took a few digs at the film legend Martin Scorsese for his comments on MCU movies. As the Taxi driver director previously stated that Marvel movies are theme park experiences instead of pure cinema, as they lack to convey emotional or psychological experiences.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kevin Feige shares his love for the Superhero genre

Even after garnering several criticisms from many big names in the industry, Kevin Feige hasn’t shied away to express his love for the genre. He shared his gratefulness for the audience’s response to the art form that he adored since his childhood.

The marvel boss shares that he was lost in his imagination while reading comics in his childhood and experiencing them come to life was a dream come true. He discusses the genre’s potential to explore many great aspects of storytelling and can’t be more grateful. In the Wakanda Forever podcast, he further states,

“I think about that every day in every aspect of what I’m lucky enough to do. Every day is surreal and bringing these comic stories to life, again, which has now been a 22-year journey, just from when– longer, working in the early days of the first X-Men film.

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Marvel Boss Kevin Feige
Marvel Boss Kevin Feige

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