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Vincent D’Onofrio’s Latest Tweet After Daredevil: Born Again Announcement Has Fans Convinced The Series Won’t Stray Away From Netflix’s Darker Establishment

When Netflix released Marvel’s Daredevil in 2015 and we were introduced to a version of Kingpin, that according to actor Vincent D’Onofrio, was “too hard-core” for Marvel standards, fans were pleasantly astonished at a darker, ruthless portrayal of the villain, who is usually associated with the Spider-Man comics. In the Netflix series, Wilson Fisk was an unpredictable, fickle, brutal man; just appropriate for the gritty, bloody tone of the series. However, in Disney+’s Hawkeye, the portrayal of the villain was discussed and debated amongst long-time Marvel fans.

Wilson Fisk in Hawkeye
Wilson Fisk in Hawkeye

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Kingpin’s Return in Daredevil: Born Again

Marvel's Daredevil
Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk in Marvel’s Daredevil

Kingpin in Hawkeye felt extremely lukewarm in contrast to his Netflix counterpart. Fans were extremely disappointed with Fisk’s wasted potential. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and with the announcement of Daredevil’s return at yesterday’s SDCC, fans are once again excited to explore the brutal, violent side of Kingpin. An official tweet from Marvel Studios also confirmed that both Charlie Cox (who plays Matt Murdock) and Vincent D’Onofrio (who plays Wilson Fisk) are set to return to the series. Furthermore, a tweet from the actor of the villain himself further fueled speculations amongst fans.

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Will Daredevil: Born Again See The Return Of A Violent Kingpin?

SDCC launches Daredevil Born Again poster
SDCC launches Daredevil: Born Again poster

With the actor’s call-back tweet, fans of the series were quick to realize the reference, and the extent of violence a mere, single tweet indicates. “When I was a boy, I beat my father’s skull in with a hammer” — this one, single line delivered by Wilson Fisk made fans aware of the extent of his cruelty in the Netflix series, and according to speculations, the timing of the tweet was way too perfect to be coincidental. Fans are convinced that Disney+ won’t stray away from the series’ original darker tone.

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Will we see the return of a violent, messy, ruthless, unpredictable Kingpin again in the new series? Only time can tell, as Daredevil: Born Again is set for a Spring 2024 release on Disney+, with 18 episodes in total.

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