Daredevil: Marvel Confirms He Is A Great Lawyer But A Terrible Friend


Daredevil is one of the most trusted heroes anyone can count on. Many characters in Marvel Comics consider him a great friend, but they don’t realize the disadvantages of being within his circle.

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Daredevil Marvel Comics
Matt Murdock aka Daredevil

One can say that Matt Murdock is the best person to go to when in doubt. He is a person of great principle, has a good sense of rationality, and is strongly committed to the truth. Many hero friends would seek advice from him, some even make confessions. Besides, he is also a lawyer, which absolutely gives one the assurance that his pieces of advice are legal and won’t get them in trouble.


But, when it sounds too good, there is always a setback. Matt Murdock has the heightened ability to perceive things that normal people could not. He may be visually impaired, but his sense of hearing, smelling, and touching far outweigh his deficiency in sight. The fact that he can hear someone’s heartbeat in a distance is kind of creepy, but it is telling something.

Why Daredevil Is Not A Good Friend To Have

The Variants #1 Daredevil and Jessica Jones
The Variants #1 featuring Daredevil and Jessica Jones

In The Variants #1 by Gail Simone and Phil Noto, Daredevil asked Jessica Jones to help a woman who was victimized by the Purple Man, the guy who also traumatized her. Jessica would opt to get herself far from trouble, but she knows she cannot lie to Daredevil because he would know.


Matt is a pretty dependable person and a good confidante to share things with. But, sometimes, friends have to lie or keep secrets to themselves for personal reasons. One may not feel comfortable enough to disclose something, but Daredevil would always know. That is some kind of privacy invasion.

Daredevil’s heightened abilities are useful for crime scenes and other legal matters. But when dealing with personal issues around friends which are not urgent or grave, he needs to tone down his powers.


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