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‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Cryptic Promo Revealed

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Netflix has finally dropped the first teaser trailer for Daredevil‘s third season! However, it may have gone unnoticed by you unless you’ve seen all ten episodes of Iron Fist‘s Season 2.

You read it right, if you notice the scene after the credits at the end of Season 2, it teases Daredevil Season 3.

In the clip, as the Iron Fist credits roll, we see Matt Murdock appearing onscreen for the first time since Defenders last year. The character is seen sitting in a church, wearing his old street costumed, covered in blood from a fight. It’s easy to see that Murdock has reached the lowest point of his life now. Murdock says the following:

“I once believed that justice could be found in a court of law, and in the light of day, but I was fooling myself. Darkness only responds to darkness.”

He ends his confession with a phrase that points out at him losing control and shifting into a more dangerous vigilante:

“The truth is that I’d rather die as the devil that lives as Matt Murdock.”

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The third season of Daredevil will release sometime later this year but it has no official release date yet. Marvel and Netflix will be coming to New York Comic Con with the show so it’s likely that a release date and trailer will arrive at the same time. FandomWire will keep you updated as we will have a presence at the convention this year.

You can find the first two seasons of Daredevil streaming on Netflix.

Written by Reilly Johnson

Reilly Johnson is a businessman, journalist, and a staple in the online entertainment community contributing to some of the largest entertainment pages in the world. Currently, Reilly is the Editor-In-Chief of FandomWire, a subsidiary of Johnson Concepts.

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