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‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Trailer Shows The Rise Of Bullseye

Marvel’s Daredevil is finally going to hit Netflix in less than two weeks.


After revealing the plot, Marvel has finally unveiled new details for the show at the New York Comic Con, giving a better look at Daredevil’s newest enemy. A new teaser revealed the first look at the mysterious Agent Dex.

Obviously, it’s clear that the new character is actually Bullseye, as hinted by the baseball cap with the villain’s logo.

Agent Dex aka Pointdexter is an FBI agent, possessing some personal demons and it seems like Wilson Fisk will manipulate him into doing some nasty stuff.

Now, all of us want to find out how Kingpin will manipulate Agent Dex to turn onto his career, but if they decide to stick with the comic book storyline, it’s likely that Pointdexter is just a push away from becoming a murderer.

If you’re wondering about Bullseye’s real name, it has always been shrouded in mystery, most commonly known as Lester. However, in the Ultimate Electra miniseries, he appears as Kingpin’s assassin named Benjamin Pointdexter.

The Netflix series will hopefully explore the character’s background by giving context to his psychopathic tendencies. Agent Dex appears to be an important tool for Kingpin against Matt Murdock. From the trailers, it looks like Pointdexter will take up Daredevil’s persona and will go on a killing spree in Daredevil’s disguise.

The upcoming episodes of Daredevil seem promising, brooding of violence and an interesting storyline.

Daredevil Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on October 19.

Written by Reilly Johnson

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