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Daredevil Season 4: 5 New Exciting Villains Charlie Cox Can Face in Disney+ Series

Disney has announced the revival of the fan-favorite show by bringing Daredevil Season 4 to screens in 2023. However, not much has been disclosed about the series apart from a few talks going around on the Disney-Marvel rumor mill. It has been said that the series will pick up where Netflix leaves off and that the tone might be lighter as compared to its otherwise darker subtext.

Charlie Cox as Matthew Murdock aka Daredevil

Daredevil has a gritty feel to it that most adaptations of the Marvel comics have failed to deliver. The series was created by Drew Goddard and launched on Netflix as part of a four-series mission focusing on solo Marvel characters in the aftermath of MCU’s The Avengers (2012).

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Daredevil Season 4 Villains To Watch Out For

Matt Murdock once revealed that his grandmother, a true god-fearing Catholic, used to say “Be careful of the Murdock boys. They got the devil in them.” This was only a passing foreshadowing of what would later become Daredevil while also serving as a backstory for the character, but the dialogue was designed as more than just a catalyst in plot and character development.

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The Man Without Fear ran the streets of Hell’s Kitchen bloody in his search for justice. But he was not without his fair share of equally fearsome opponents. A look back at the Netflix original series that aired from 2015 to 2018 might give an insight into the kind of villains who are on the prowl in the dark alleyways of Hell’s Kitchen.

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With Wilson Fisk easily snatching up the top position as Villain #1, there is also Madam Gao and Nobu Yoshioka’s organization, The Hand, to look out for which established itself as quite the formidable opponent in Netflix’s Iron Fist. But if one turns to the extensive platter of well-laid villains that have been created in the comics, we might be able to find some new and exciting villains who could appear in Daredevil Season 4.

  • THE HOOD: First appearing in The Hood issue #1 in 2002, the character is one of the deadliest villains to go up against Daredevil. After losing his parents, the boy turned to a life of crime and significantly rose to become one of New York’s most powerful crime lords. He is portrayed as a very charismatic villain and known to have come into contact with the Infinity Gems, the Nord Stones, and the Lord of Chaos aka Dormammu. However, his powers come not only from his reputation as the big bad but also from the hood and boots that he stole as a young crook after having killed a demon. The Hood’s life intertwines closely with Daredevil’s origin and it would be interesting to see one of the deadliest criminals being brought alive on-screen.
Daredevil Season 4 villain
The Hood

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  • LADY BULLSEYE: One of the most underrated villains, Lady Bullseye is exceptionally ruthless, ambitious, highly intelligent, and skilled in martial arts and combat. Created by Ed Brubaker, her story ties closely with Bullseye who saved her from being sold into sex slavery. She has deep ties with The Hand which is one of the most formidable organizations in Marvel comic history and has already been brought alive in Netflix’s Iron Fist. To make matters even more difficult, she is also an attorney capable of matching wits with Matt Murdock in the courtroom.
Daredevil Season 4 villain
Lady Bullseye
  • THE GLADIATOR: Melvin Potter has already been introduced to the series as Wilson Fisk’s tailor. Although Potter isn’t much of a threat when considered within the context of villains like Bullseye and Fisk, he is very adept at weaponizing suits and making himself invincible. Motivated strongly by the love of Betsy, he is one step away from turning unhinged and entering a life of crime. It would be quite interesting to see The Gladiator as one of the villains in Daredevil Season 4.
Melvin Potter aka The Gladiator

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  • MR. FEAR: The perfect antagonist to The Man Without Fear, Mr. Fear has been described as the equivalent of Scarecrow from the Batman comics. Moreover, he was originally written by the OG creator Stan Lee himself. Although a later version written by Gerry Conway and Gene Colon gained more popularity, Mr. Fear remains one of the terrifying villains associated with Daredevil. Moreover, the villain, much like Bullseye, wanted to discredit Daredevil and the comics also showed him working in close association with The Hood in hopes of becoming the top drug lord in the city of New York.
Mr. Fear
Mr. Fear
  • TYPHOID MARY: With Disney+ traversing the issues of Dissociative Identity Disorder in their latest Marvel series, Moon Knight, it might be time to bring in yet another formidable supervillain into the mix. Her three personalities include MARY who is a quiet pacifist, the lustful and violent TYPHOID, and BLOODY MARY who is brutal and hyper-violent. Typhoid Mary follows closely in the footsteps of Elektra and has a romantic history with DD. With ties to The Hand and association with Kingpin, she has been one of Daredevil’s primary yet complex opponents. She also possesses psychic powers like telekinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis.
Typhoid Mary Daredevil Season 4 villain
Typhoid Mary

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Other Notable Mentions:

BULLSEYE: It is not much of a far-fetched idea to think Bullseye would be coming back as Daredevil Season 4 villain. Although not much has been about the Season 4 plot, it has been said that Disney+ will pick up Daredevil’s story from exactly where Netflix leaves off. This provides the grounds for Bullseye to make a comeback as one of Daredevil’s most unhinged and formidable villains in Daredevil Season 4. Additionally, we see Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter waking up on the operating table with his eyes taking on the signature “Bullseye” mark from the comics which might be a foreshadowing of his return as a major villain in the upcoming season.

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Bullseye, Daredevil’s opponent in Season 3

The Kingpin, although behind bars, might prove sufficiently resourceful as well. All in all, Daredevil Season 4 will be a worthy resurrection if Disney+ manages to bring any of these villains back into the fold. However, it remains to be seen who Marvel determines as worthy enough to face off against Charlie Cox’s Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

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