Daredevil Showrunner Feels ”Bittersweet” For Not Being Involved With Disney+ Adaptation

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Daredevil was originally produced by Marvel Television and Netflix. Daredevil’s showrunner Steven DeKnight served as the producer for season one. It premiered on Netflix in April 2015 and is to be revived by Disney+. A blind lawyer by day, vigilante by night- Matt Murdock used his skills to clear out the criminals in the nights of New York City that escaped the view of the infamous Avengers. New series is reported to be launched on Disney+. Many of Daredevil’s cast members are seen in MCU projects.

A poster from Daredevil season one
Charlie cox in Daredevil season one

DeKnight says he’s currently unavailable for the next few years

A fan asked DeKnight on his personal Twitter if he’d be back for an episode or two if asked for, to which she says he would but is currently unavailable for the next few years and wants the creative team to be free to do their thing.

“I would but I’m currently unavailable for the next few years due to other commitments. Plus I want the new creative team to be free to do their thing!”

Steven DeKnight and the Daredevil
Steven DeKnight, showrunner of Daredevil, Netflix

DeKnight responded to a fan asking if the show won’t be as good as his work on Netflix


“Not at all! As a lifelong fan of the character, I hope it’s even BETTER than what we did on Netflix. Lord knows they’ll have a much, much larger budget.”

 This Daredevil showrunner feels ”Bittersweet”

Still, he has ”Bittersweet” feelings when a fan asked about how he feels about not being included. But shows his good spirits and expresses, that he wants to watch a great Daredevil show.

”Bittersweet. But all I want is a great Daredevil show I can watch with the rest of the fans!”

DeKnight time and again shows his support and excitement on Twitter-

”Think they’ll do just fine! Excited to see what they’re cooking up!

Daredevil revival Disne+
Daredevil’ revival on Disney+ with Marvel

This series got some extra heat when the Daredevil Netflix moved to Disney+. It has also said to have started filming this year. 


This news is very fresh to anticipate more things out of this project. It will be more clear in the future when more news becomes public regarding the cast and crew for the new upcoming project Daredevil. The coming back of this show will be hot news among the fans. We can’t wait to see what this series has in store!


Written by Samreen Kaur

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