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Daredevil: The Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen Meets His Guardian Angel

It is true that Daredevil is one of the most well-known religious characters in Marvel Comics. Matt Murdock, both a vigilante and a lawyer, has the good and the evil constantly battling within himself.

Murdock finds it challenging to balance his professional and superhero life, more so when it comes to weighing things that usually contradict his faith. In Daredevil #1 issue, a new friend comes into Murdock’s way during one of the most turbulent events in his life.

Daredevil Marvel Comics
Matt Murdock aka Daredevil

Daredevil has always concealed his identity, and only a few friends know his darkest secrets. When the world found out about his deal, he used the power of the Purple Man’s children to alter the minds of everyone and forget who he was. This does not include Kingpin, as he, later on, discovers the man behind the iconic mask.

In Devil’s Reign scene, Murdock’s identical brother, Mike, was slain by Kingpin. The villain thought he killed the Daredevil, but Matt assumed his deceased brother’s identity and operated in secret.

Daredevil Meets His Heavenly Protector

Daredevil Robert Goldman
Matt Murdock meets his guardian angel

In Daredevil #1, created by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto, Matt missed the subway train before he could bid farewell to Kristen. The hero stops a shooter, but unfortunately, he was not able to save the victim. Just as Kristen’s train starts to move away, a familiar face appeared in front of Murdock. It was Robert Goldman, a colleague from law school. What he said next rendered the vigilante speechless:

Matt, I’ve waited years for this. To tell you…I know I have to be more direct now. I’m your guardian angel, Matt. But I’m not hers.”

Marvel's Daredevil

And just like that, the train explodes. Although Goldman’s power is not likened to a god, he is a supernatural being with unusual abilities. This issue is the first relaunch of Daredevil comics. With this intriguing twist, fans will surely see more of Matt’s guardian angel in the upcoming issues.