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Daredevil: Villains We Need To See In A Disney+ Revival

With confirmation in early December that Daredevil will be making a return on Disney +. Fans have been holding their breath ever since Netflix’s cancellation of Daredevil in 2018. Hate him or love him – the man, Kevin Feige is bringing back Daredevil and we the fans could not be happier for such news. The question for many is who’s next to face the devil of Hell’s Kitchen? It’s time to see some fresh faces to give Matt Murdock a run for his money!


DD Villain

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat this but Mr. Fear is essentially Marvel’s version of Scarecrow. I can’t deny the fact that he’s still such a badass character with an equally badass costume. Mr. Fear would be a good addition to live-action villains in the upcoming Daredevil season that could add some horror to horror-psychological vibes to future episodes.

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Bullseye DD

Yes, we had a hint of the character in season 3, but where’s the costume and iconic white bullseye logo?! Bullseye is by far Daredevil’s most lethal villain by far. Kingpin is up there without a doubt, yet nobody has put up such an even match in accuracy, agility, and lethality as this man. Let us fans cross our fingers to this character in full costume take the silver screen.


The Owl DD

The best way one can describe Owl is that he’s one of Daredevil’s most primal of foes. An intelligent Wall Street broker injected himself with a serum that granted him the ability to flight/glide. With the enhanced senses similar to Wolverine, and the ability to expand his nails in sharp talons that are able to slash through steel! Accompanied by his peak human strength – Owl is a worthy adversary and possible fan favorite if done correctly.


Typhoid Mary DD

Lookout Elektra here comes Typhoid Mary aka Blood Mary! She is the definition of one crazy *beep*. A deadly assassin that not only gives Daredevil a hard time but even the likes of Kingpin and other Marvel heroes/villains. With her split personality as “Bloody Mary”, she unleashes her mutant abilities to use mind control to seduce and manipulate weak minds. Along with pyrokinesis and telekinesis. Then throw in being a skilled martial artist wielding two sharp swords, yikes!

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Written by Amir Syed

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