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10 Dark Facts About Superman That You Didn’t Know

Everyone has a sketchy past that they want to keep buried forever. Even the nicest person we know may have a secret that has never seen the light of the day. Talking about nice people, Superman is the epitome of truth, justice, and hope. It’s nearly impossible to even imagine that the face of humanity (ironically) has a dark side. That’s because the comic books and movies have mostly promoted him as the ultimate superhero. To add some spice and surprise to his character, the writers have made him cross the line of morality on some occasions. This article has dug up some dirty past of the hero that many fans may have no idea about. It also has some little known heartbreaking stories from Clark Kent’s life. Here are the 10 dark facts about Superman you didn’t know.

When He Was A Centaur

One of the issues, “Whom Gods Destroy”, had Superman transform into a malicious Centaur by Circa. Lois was also turned into Wonder Woman after Athena endowed her with superpowers in the same storyline. In fact, Supes has transformed into other creatures numerous times in the comic books- Super Monkey, Super Cat, Sphinx Superman, Cheetah Superman, and more. The evil Super Centaur was wreaking havoc until Lana succeeded in reminding him of his true identity.

Tried To Kill Lois

Superman has put Lois in danger more than once. In fact, he has been a pretty sh#tty boyfriend to her. There are so many issues where he emerged as the face of domestic abuse. His mental abuse has driven Lois to the brim of depression on multiple occasions. Additionally, he has tossed her into space, driven her off the cliff, attacked her with an octopus, prosecuted her, gaslit her, and done many more terrible things.

Never Good To Jimmy Olsen

Not just Lois, Superman was terrible to his best friend, Jimmy Olsen, as well. Jimmy had always been a good friend to Clark and stood by his side through thick and thin. But in return, he was mentally abused, forced to do uncomfortable things like marrying a Gorilla, and pushed to fight Aquaman by Superman.

Filmed S#x Tape

One of the most scandalous stories in DC comics is the one where Superman went wild with Big Barda and had the whole thing filmed. It was later revealed that Sleez of Apokolips mind-controlled the heroes to film the s*x tape.

Easily Brainwashed

The powerful body is of no use without a powerful mind. Superman has displayed a susceptible brain several times in comic books. His strength and god-like powers make him too dangerous for mankind because anyone can get the strings to his mind. The hero has been treated like a remote-controlled monster by psychic villains such as Darkseid, Poison Ivy, and Max Lord.

Rampage Over Cars

Superman has got some serious anger issues. Being treated like a God for his powers and strengths doesn’t excuse him for destroying properties. When his friend was killed in a car accident, Superman wrecked every car that came his way. He headed to a car factory and car showrooms and tore down all of them.

Fight Is The Only Solution

Instead of promoting dialogue and piece-talks, this superhero has only boasted his strengths. Superman has resorted to fighting for the smallest of problems that could have been solved via other strategies. The character has become the benchmark of strength over the years where every new superhero is compared to him in term of powers. And let’s not forget how the Man of Steel has caused physical damage to the Justice League, his friends, allies, and innocents.

Led To His Friend’s Misery

Pete Ross always showed generosity to Superman and treated him like a family. He was Clark’s childhood best friend in Smallville and never revealed his secret as Superboy to anyone. But when Pete’s little son Jonathan was kidnapped by an alien race, Superman barely did anything to save him. He did fly after Jonathan but called off the mission after the Legion of Superheroes who time travel explained to him why Jonathan had to stay there. As a result, he easily gave up on the young boy and did nothing to console his friend. The whole plight mentally affected Peter and forced him into the path of crime. In the end, Pete was confronted by Superman and put in the mental asylum for his nervous breakdown.

His Racist Answer To Louis

There was a time in the ‘70s when this comic writer attempted to bring up a social issue just to stay relevant. In one of the storylines, Lois Lane tried to understand decades of social injustice and racism towards African-American in just one day. She stepped inside a machine and transformed into an African-American woman. When the new Lois asked Clark if he would still marry her, he subtly turned her down with otherworldly excuses.

His Romance With Lori

Clark Kent has had many girlfriends other than Lois Lane. One of his most serious relationships was with Lori Lemaris. The moment Superman met Lori in Metropolis, he fell head over heels for her. But like every love story of superheroes, this one also had a complication. They were both in love with each other, but none of them knew the other’s secret. One day, Clark finally proposed to her to marry him and revealed his identity as Superman. To this, Lori also revealed that she was a mermaid and had limited time on the land. Despite Clark’s attempts, Lori declined his proposal and went back to the sea.



Written by Ipshita Barua