Dark Marvel Theory Explains Tony Stark Mentored Spider-Man Because Winter Soldier Killed Peter’s Parents in Captain America 2

Tony Stark Mentored Spider-Man Because Winter Soldier Killed Peter's Parents
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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have seen Tony Stark and Peter Parker share a really close bond. Tony Stark was the one who introduced Spider-Man to the team, made him an Avenger, gave him all the cool suits he wore during the Infinity Saga, and watched over him. In Avengers: Endgame, it was also evident that a major reason Tony finally builds the time machine is for the chance to bring Peter back.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker were really close in the Marvel
Tony Stark and Peter Parker were really close in the MCU

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But the reason why the two share that bond or why Tony mentored Peter and even chose him to be the next Tony Stark could be a lot more than what we know. Could it be that the two share the same tragedy?


Winter Soldier killed both Tony Stark’s and Peter Parker’s parents?

According to a dark Marvel theory, the loving bond shared by the two could have a very dark reason behind it. In Captain America: Civil War, it was revealed to us that Tony’s parents did not die in an accident but were killed by Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’s closest friend. It was Bucky when he was under the control of HYDRA. HYDRA used him to kill Howard Stark and Maria Stark and acquire the Super Soldier serum.

Winter Soldier murdered Howard and Maria Stark
Winter Soldier murdered Howard and Maria Stark

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As Steve tries to protect Bucky, it angers Tony Stark and that becomes the reason for the final fight between the two. What upsets Tony further is that Steve already knew that Winter Soldier was the killer and he kept it from Tony. Now there could be a chance that Bucky is the reason Peter Parker’s parents were killed.


Explaining the Marvel Theory further

The reason why Tony loved Peter is tragic
The reason why Tony loved Peter is tragic

Now Peter Parker was introduced to us in the same movie and MCU kind of skipped straight to the part where Tony Stark brings him to join the team and help him fight Captain America and his group. We do not know much about the past of MCU’s Peter Parker. But what we know is Tony showers him with a fatherly kind of love. Is it because Tony knows how Peter’s parents died?

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ucky killed Peter's parents during Captain America 2 storyline
Bucky killed Peter’s parents during Captain America 2 storyline

According to the theory, Peter’s parents were a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and had found out that the organization was infiltrated by HYDRA during the Captain America: The Winter Soldier storyline. To protect their secret, the organization sent their most trusted puppet, the Winter Soldier to kill Peter’s parents. And he, as always, delivers. After Tony finds out about his parents, he further discovers that Peter shares a similar story as him, hence he mentors and trains him to be better, something we see in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


If the theory is true, it just makes the bond the two share a little sad, and the interaction between Peter Parker and Bucky a little dark. Also, the fact that Peter does not know this yet.

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