Dark Nights: Death Metal – 10 Biggest Moments That Will Change DC Forever


A whole new era of comic books is about to begin. Thanks to DC Universe’s latest Dark Nights: Death Metal arc, fans of comic books and casual superhero loves have a lot to look forward to. Momentous revelations and incredible events were scattered all throughout the epic crossover arc. And here are the few takeaways every DC fan should be aware of. These events will most probably shape the future of the DC Universe.

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Nightwing & Bat-Girl Get Married

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It was every hardcore DC Comic book fan’s wet dream come true. For long, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon were in a cursed on-again, off-again relationship. The big news finally came during Dark Nights: Death Metal. In a supremely awkward ceremony, the two prominent members of the Bat Family tied the knot while the readers were left awestruck. But it is yet to be seen if the marriage will last. Barbara was killed and later resurrected after the marriage. That is certainly a plot element DC intends to explore in the future.

Batman Becomes Black Lantern

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With all the resources at his disposal, Batman was still overwhelmed when the Evil Batman Army came knocking. But he finally found the nugget that helped him turn the tables. It was no humongous space laser or a contingency plan that came out of Batman’s ‘prep-time’ bag. In an alternate universe, a clone of Bruce Wayne was used as a conduit to summon the Blackest Night Event. The Black Lantern Power Ring fell in the hands of Bruce Wayne, who used it to summon the fallen heroes from the afterlife and defeat the Evil Batmen from the Dark Multi-Verse. This is not the last time we have seen the Black Lantern Batman in action. Bruce will have it with himself for safe-keeping.

Return Of The JSA

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The Justice society of America has been a staple of DC Superheroes since the Golden Age. But they were absent from most modern DC issues. The final phases of Dark Nights: Death Metal hinted at the return of the superhero team. And return they did, with a bang!! The future looks bright for the Justice Society of America. With the positive response from the readers, the JSA will probably have a bigger role to play in future issues.

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The Batman Who Laughs ‘Dies’

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The Batman Who Laughs became a fan-favorite character after the events of Dark Nights: Metal. He was so popular DC kept him even after the arc was over. In Dark Nights: death Metal, he returned with a vengeance. He met his doom twice at the hands of Wonder Woman. The first time he was dismembered by Wonder Woman’s Invisible Chainsaw. The seconds time was when he took the form of the Darkest Knight. Again it was Diana who killed him. But we have little doubt that The Batman Who Laughs will return.


The Multiverse Becomes The Omniverse

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A huge change in the way DC manages alternate realities and parallel universe came at the end of Dark Nights: Death Metal. The advent of the humongous dark multiverse and the subsequent death Metal arc led to the discovery of the Omniverse. The Omniverse is way bigger than the multiverse and it has two centers of existence. One center is called the Elseworld. the other still remains a mystery. Who knows what threats lurk in there now!!


Wally West Redeems Himself

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Wally West has not had a good journey these past couple of months. He was implicated in murder and then he tried to hide it. After being exiled by the superhero community, he had a massive fall from grace. But it looks like he might finally be coming back to be a part of a new superhero team. He helped free the Mobius Chair and a resurrected Roy Harper asked him to be a part of his new team. This new team will be exploring the Omniverse and tackle all the new threats that lurk out there.


Stupendously Huge Variety Of All-New Evil Batmen

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Dark Nights: Metal just showed us the evil Justice League versions of Batman. Dark Nights: Death Metal took it up a notch. Every version of batman imaginable, from a Batman-Doctor Manhattan Hybrid to a Darkseid Batman, a Silver Surfer version of Batman and even a T-Rex Batman were featured in the arc.


All Hail The Robin King

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A huge highlight of Dark Nights: Death Metal was the rise of the Robin King. There’s very little we know about this new deranged villain who was so psychotic The batman Who Laughs named him as his successor. He is a younger version of Bruce Wayne who managed to kill all the superheroes of his world. And he is thrilled at the prospect of doing it over and over again, hopping from one universe to another throughout the Omniverse.


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Wonder Woman Is Now The Center Of DC’s Holy Trinity

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Earlier it was Superman. Then Batman gained popularity and he grabbed the spotlight as the onus of the Trinity fell on him. Now DC wants to make Wonder Woman the new flagbearer of the DC Universe. The events of dark Nights: death Metal have showcased Wonder Woman’s skills as a leader. She is now charged with protecting the cosmos and be the Guardian of the Light. That’s a role she was always born to play. DC, we cannot love you enough for this bold decision. It is the decade of Wonder Woman. She will carry the torch forward for DC Comics.

Most Important Of All – The New 52 Reboot No Longer Exists

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This is by far the most significant implication of Dark Nights: Death Metal. The scourge of the New 52 reboot has dogged the DC Universe for ten years now. It ret-conned a lot of important storylines, something the fans never liked. Thanks to Dark Nights: Death metal, the original DC Universe is restored. This will be a clean slate, a fresh new start for an all-new DC Universe. This is a huge thing. The die-hard fans and long-time readers will be pleased that the stories they grew up reading and enjoying now exist and are honored within the DC Universe.


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