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Darkseid: 3 MCU Characters He Could Beat (5 He Can’t!)

DCEU universe has got a lot of bad guys. But with how the DCEU movies have been muddled over the years, we haven’t been able to witness the power. However, thanks to Zack Snyder’s cut, we saw Darkseid show his power in flashbacks and the ultimate fight sequence.







With Darkseid’s power and strength, it seems that he will beat a few MCU characters whereas with a few he will most certainly lose. Let’s see who those characters are!

Beat: Captain America

Darkseid beat Captain America






He is one of the strongest Avengers and always manages to gather all the superheroes and lead them into the battle. He has even had a showdown battle with Thanos before the portals open.

But with Darkseid, chances of Cap winning are slim. This new god doesn’t play with his food, he kinds of devours it in the blink of an eye.

Lose to: Thanos

Darkseid lose to Thanos






If there is a straight-up fight between Thanos and Darkseid, Thanos will lose. But with Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos will have an upper hand.

With the Gauntlet, no creature can stand in front of Thanos, not even Darkseid.

Beat: Drax

Darkseid beat Drax







After Groot, if there is any other lovable character, it is Drax. He does have a lot of physical strength, but he is not the brightest star. He will dive headstrong into a fight and that’s what will make him lose in a fight with Darkseid.

The New God will take him out in one blow, and he never sees the light.

Lose To: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel






Being one of the most powerful beings in the MCU, Captain Marvel had to be kept away from Thanos. When she is in Binary Mode, she can give punches and headbutt Thanos. If you combine her powers to absorb and convert energy into cosmic power, she will give Darkseid a tough fight.

One that she will probably not lose!

Beat: Loki

7. The horns on Loki's helmet in the first film were very vertical, which intentionally matched the upward shapes and design of Asgard.







MCU did a great job by giving Loki his solo series and exploring the character and his magic world in depth. They also gave him some new powers and strengthened his character.

But will this power enhancement help Loki beat Darkseid? Well, yes and no! With his newfound trick powers, Loki will be able to buy some time during the fight. But Darkseid will eventually find and kill him in a snap.

Lose To: Alioth






Alioth ensured the end of the Multiversal war. This trans-temporal entity is used to serve He Who Remains. This creature can never be harmed or killed. The creature can absorb matter and energy. So, fighting this creature is nearly impossible. So, Darkseid won’t be able to stand the force of this creature.

Did we cover all the characters that Darkseid can beat and lose to? Comment down below if we missed any!