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“Dave Bautista is great, but…”: Christopher Judge Doesn’t Want Marvel Star To Play Kratos in Amazon’s God of War Series


Christopher Judge’s performance as Kratos can be considered one of the best voice acting in video games and it has become impossible to separate the character from its voice actor.

The 2018 game went on to win the game of the year award against another critically acclaimed game Red Dead Redemption 2 and its sequel just fell short before Elden Ring, but their impact on the gaming industry can’t be neglected. Following its success, Amazon is now ready to make a live-action adaptation of the beloved game.

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God of War: Ragnarök
God of War: Ragnarök

Dave Bautista is a favorite to play Kratos

The new trend of the live-action adaptation of popular video games doesn’t seem to slow down with the recent release of Pedro Pascal’s The Last of Us. As it seems another iconic IP from the Sony catalog is getting a live-action series but no actors have been attached to the project yet.

Following the great early reviews of another live-action adaptation of Sony’s The Last of Us, it seems the video game curse is no more a thing and the same results can be expected from the upcoming Amazon’s God of War. The adaptation is reportedly going to be based on the 2018 award-winning version, which follows a more complex and nuanced take on the character of Kratos, who has exiled himself from ancient Greece after a blood-soaked past and leads a new quest in the Norse realm of Midgard while sustaining bond with his son.

Although it isn’t easy to find an actor with the same physical stature as Kratos, one possible casting choice can be Dave Bautista. With his recent news of him wanting to star in more dramatic projects, the God Of War adaptation can be his cup of tea as it consists of one of the most complex character studies of a video game protagonist. But the original Kratos doesn’t seem to relish the idea of Dave Bautista playing the Ghost of Sparta.

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Christopher Judge
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge doesn’t want Dave Bautista to play the role of Kratos

Although most fans see Dave Bautista as a perfect fit for the live-action series, Christopher Judge, who delivered a magnificent performance as Kratos in God of War 2018 and its sequel in 2022 while garnering the game award for best performance on both occasions, doesn’t seem to relish the idea of Bautista playing the role of Kratos.

After the response from Christopher Judge, fans are now adamant to see the original Kratos star in the Amazon series while Dave Bautista can play Marcus Fenis in a film iteration of the popular Xbox game Gears of War. Even though it seems a little difficult for Christopher Judge to play the live-action Ghost of Sparta, it sure is possible.

As the voice actor has got the height of Kratos and even though his age may play a factor considering the extreme physicality required for the role, the solution to this problem can be a mix of live action and CGI as they would be able to make him look much better in live-action with the big production budget.

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Christopher Judge voices Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok
Christopher Judge voices Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok

Even though no announcement about the cast has been made and is expected somewhere in 2023, Dave Bautista might be the 2nd best choice for the role considering his acting abilities and his desire to land in more dramatic roles but on the contrary, fans would desperately hope that the studio gets Christopher Judge to portray the live-action version as well because it’d be difficult for GOW fans to see any one voice the iconic protagonist.

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