“Dave was his apprentice”: Is George Lucas Prepping The Mandalorian Boss Dave Filoni To Take Over Star Wars?

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Is George Lucas Prepping The Mandalorian Boss Dave Filoni To Take Over Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise has been experiencing significant changes ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012. With several new projects and television series from the saga, the most hyped show currently is the recent Disney+ series, Ahsoka. Arrived a little after it as a plus point were the featurettes released by both LucasFilm and Star Wars, mostly for highlighting the series.

The Star Wars Franchise
The Star Wars Franchise

What’s interesting is the recent claim in the clip from Ahsoka‘s lead producer, Jon Favreau, which talks about the show’s other producer and also the mastermind behind The Mandalorian, Dave Filoni, as the apprentice of George Lucas. This has ignited a major question among fans: Is George Lucas prepping to hand down the torch to Dave Filoni to take over Star Wars? Here’s the truth.

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George Lucas prepping to hand down the torch to Dave Filoni to take over Star Wars?

George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and Jon Favreau
George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and Jon Favreau

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George Lucas has not only been the visionary brain behind the immense success of the Star Wars franchise so far, but he has also acted as a mentor and a guiding figure to the mastermind behind the superhit television series, The Mandalorian, Dave Filoni. And now, he is allegedly in talks of taking over Star Wars.

In the featurette (via Bounding Into Comics), Ahsoka‘s lead producer, Jon Favreau was seen hinting at the same. He said,

“George visited the set when we were filming the lightsaber fight in the Japanese garden in Season 2.”

Continuing, he said,

“And I think he was really encouraging of Dave stepping up to this role. And so George would turn to Kathy and myself, and be proud of Dave. He was Dave’s teacher and Dave was his apprentice.”

What’s more interesting than Favreau’s comment is the fact that George Lucas himself never once admitted to this claim, having only Ahsoka‘s executive producer speak for him.

While this doesn’t give any clear answers, many are still speculating if Jon Favreau‘s comment could be hinting at George Lucas prepping to hand down the torch to Dave Filoni to take over Star Wars.

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George Lucas doesn’t want Star Wars to continue after his life

George Lucas
George Lucas

In another interview from over a decade ago that recently resurfaced (via YouTube), George Lucas seems to be of a different opinion over handing down the torch to anyone after him for Star Wars. When asked whether he wishes someone else to continue his legacy, he said,

“No. No. I’ve worked it out to where, when I do it in terms of the films that I’m doing. This will be the last. The next film, three, will be the last film and it’ll be a six-part series and that’ll be the end of it.”

Furthermore, he even denied having mentored someone to take over for him after his death.

“No. No. There may be other venues for it, but not in the theatrical release, but for sort of offshoot stories and things in other areas, but not in theatrical films. I just want to keep that special. I don’t want to have it sort of turn into Star Trek.”

While his opinions were certainly creative and out of the box, it is yet to be deciphered if George Lucas still thinks the same way. And if he does, then whether Dave Filoni is the one who will be given the chance to take over the saga. To figure out the answers to these questions, fans will just have to wait and see how the upcoming events turn out to be.

Source: Bounding Into Comics | YouTube

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