David Ayer’s ‘Not Too Violent’ Scarface Reboot: 5 Actors Perfect To Replace Al Pacino

5 actors who can take the place of Al Pacino in a Scarface reboot as David Ayer reveals why he left the reboot.

David Ayer's 'Not Too Violent' Scarface Reboot: 5 Actors Perfect To Replace Al Pacino


  • Universal has been trying for a long time to create Al Pacino's cult classic Scarface reboot but to no avail.
  • David Ayer, who left the project in 2017, reveals he left the project as the studio did not like his 'not too dark' script.
  • While Scarface reboot remains uncertain, actors like Oscar Isaac, Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed can be the perfect Al Pacino replacements.
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Universal’s plans to reboot the Al Pacino cult classic Scarface have been long known, but year after year there has been only disappointing news. Back in 2017, it was revealed that David Ayer would be helming the reboot, and was also said to be preparing a script. However, just months after this, he was allegedly reported to have left the reboot citing scheduling problems.

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al pacino (image via flickr)
Al Pacino (image via Flickr)

However, in a recent interview, the director claimed issues with the script led to him walking out of the reboot, for his script was ‘not too violent’ as the studio wanted.


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David Ayer Exited Scarface Reboot As His Script Was ‘Not Too Violent’

Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface
Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface

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Al Pacino starrer Scarface was an extremely gritty and dark portrayal of the American Dream gone haywire, closely based on the 1932 movie of the same name. Despite being a reboot and initial critical reviews, the movie is now a fan-favorite cult classic.

When Universal initially announced its plans to reboot the remake, fans were elated but since then there have only been disappointing updates regarding it. After many changes and shuffling, back in 2017, it was announced that David Ayer would be helming the franchise, only for him to walk out months later.


In a recent interview with Total Film Magazine, Ayer revealed the real reason behind his exit.

“One of the best scripts I’ve ever written was my Scarface draft… It wasn’t too violent… I created this rich, soulful journey through the drug trade, and kind of what it is. The studio just wanted something more… fun.”

Since Ayer’s exit, the Scarface reboot has suffered another disappointing update as Luca Guadagnino recently revealed he is not attached to the project anymore (via The Hindu).


Even though a decade after its announcement the reboot is nowhere near in development, here are five brilliant actors who could potentially replace Al Pacino if a Scarface remake ever happens:

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1. Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight

A brilliant actor, Oscar Isaac possesses an immense range and depth necessary to portray the intense yet charismatic character of Tony Montana. Fans witnessed his exemplary performance in Moon Knight, as he seamlessly transformed between his titular characters of Steven Grant and Marc Spectator.

His unique ability to portray multifaceted characters in different settings would thus help bring out Montana’s internal conflict and emotional depth, all the while presenting a fresh perspective to the Scarface lead.


2. Tom Hardy

Hollywood actor Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy hardly deserves an explanation as to why he should take over Al Pacino’s iconic character in the cult classic. Known for fully embracing and immersing in his roles, Hardy is more than capable of delivering a compelling performance.

His roles in movies like Mad Max and Dark Knight Rises prove he is perfect for bringing forth the dark side of human nature in an alluring way. Furthermore, his commanding physical presence would allow for a more haunting portrayal of Montana in a modern-day Scarface reboot.


3. Diego Luna

Diego Luna - Star Wars Andor
Diego Luna – Star Wars Andor

What made Al Pacino’s portrayal stand out was his unparalleled charisma and effectiveness in conveying Tony’s vulnerabilities. And this is something that Star Wars star Diego Luna, who is a master at showcasing emotions, can perfectly recreate through his captivating performances.

Famous for perfectly portraying emotions through his charming facial expressions, he can capture the true essence of Tony Montana’s personality, presenting him as vulnerable as well as ruthless at the same time. Luna can add a new layer of nuance to the role, capturing Montana’s journey from ambition to tragic downfall.


4. Riz Ahmed

riz ahmed
Riz Ahmed

The highly talented and versatile actor Riz Ahmed is known best for his nuanced and impeccably balanced performances throughout different genres. If he were to portray Ton Montana in a Scarface reboot, Ahmed could deliver a compelling performance while keeping Montana’s internal conflicts at the center.

Having showcased his versatility through movies like Nightcrawler and Sound of Metal, Ahmed can authentically bring about the psychological aspects of Montana’s character, leading to a more thought-provoking portrayal of his rise and fall trying to achieve the American dream.


5. Bill Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård as Marquis
Bill Skarsgård

Last but not any lesser of the other four on this list, Bill Skarsgård is an exceptional actor with a wide acting range. Known for his haunting portrayal of Pennywise in It, the actor can embody dark and complex characters with precise conviction.

Having a knack for playing diabolical characters, he can seamlessly transform himself into the complex character of Tony Montana. Not only can he present the vicious layers of Montana’s psyche but he is one actor who can keep Tony Montana’s portrayal closer to Al Pacino at the same time giving it a new depth.


The Al Pacino starrer Scarface can be streamed on Amazon Prime.


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