David Corenswet Superman Will Replace Ben Affleck’s Batman as Nick Fury of DCU – Theory

David Corenswet's Superman has the potential to become the Nick Fury of the DCU

David Corenswet Superman Will Replace Ben Affleck's Batman as Nick Fury of DCU - Theory


  • James Gunn introduced the DCU last year after it was all but confirmed that they were doing away with the DCEU after repeated failures.
  • As part of his major announcement, James Gunn made it clear he had a lot of projects in the pipeline for the DCU.
  • Theres also the chance that David Corenswet's Superman will become the Nick Fury of the DCU.
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After James Gunn and Peter Safran took over as the co-CEOs of DC Studios last year, it was made clear that the DC Universe was going to get a reboot, as the DCEU was effectively a thing of the past. James Gunn clearly has a lot of plans for the DCU as well. Many also believe that David Corenswet, who will portray Superman in Superman: Legacy will also replace Ben Affleck’s Batman as the Nick Fury of the DCU.


The DCU will be kicking it into full gear come 2025, with Superman: Legacy signalling the true beginning of the DCU. Needless to say, fans are waiting with both excitement and hesitation for what the DCU could entail.

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David Corenswet in one of his recent films before being cast as Superman
David Corenswet

What Future DCU Projects Are In The Pipeline?

One of the original Superman comics that serve as an inspiration for Superman Legacy
Superman in the comics

Almost a year after James Gunn announced the new DC Universe, numerous theories have emerged about potential storylines for the rebooted franchise. Following backstage drama, controversies, and underwhelming box office performances, Warner Bros. and DC Studios initiated a reboot of the DC Extended Universe. James Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed co-CEOs of DC Studios in November 2022, marking the start of the new DC Universe.

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As already mentioned, Gunn unveiled a lineup of ten projects, including Superman: Legacy, The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Booster Gold, and Paradise Lost, forming Chapter 1 titled “Gods and Monsters.” While only a part of Chapter 1 has been revealed, details about the overarching storyline remain unknown, fueling speculation about crossovers, DC Comics adaptations, and character introductions shaping the DCU into a stronger entity than its predecessor, the DCEU. All in all, there are a ton of things that DC fans can look forward to, with James Gunn being the captain of the ship.


David Corenswet’s Superman Could Take Ben Affleck’s Place As The Nick Fury Of The DCU

Ben Affleck as Batman in one of his earlier DCEU movies
Ben Affleck

James Gunn’s official DCU announcement brought a major surprise with the inclusion of the Authority, a team previously published under the Wildstorm imprint. The Authority, known for their questionable morals and methods, has never been adapted for live-action before. A theory suggests a potential clash between the DCU’s Superman and the Authority, as the Man of Steel opposes the team’s compromised moral code. This conflict could have significant implications, possibly leading Superman to assemble a team of heroes with strong moral values— the Justice League of America, something that hasn’t been confirmed for the DCU yet.

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This would essentially see David Corenswet’s Superman replace the role of Ben Affleck’s Batman in the DCU and become like Nick Fury. This is due to the fact that Affleck’s Batman was the one who assembled the members for the Justice League in the DCEU – something that David Corenswet’s Superman could do for potential Justice League of America members.


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