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David F. Sandberg Claps Back at Troll Whining About Shazam 2 Flashback Sequence: “Sure does make some people quite upset”

david f sandberg and shazam fury of the gods

David F. Sandberg, the director of the recently released superhero flick Shazam! Fury of the Gods seems to be receiving a lot of criticism. The director responded to an online troll who expressed their disappointment with a flashback sequence in the newest DCEU film.

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David F. Sandberg

Sandberg took to social media to address the issue, acknowledging the fan’s concern. The reply has since gained attention on social media, with many fans applauding the director’s response to the criticism. This incident is also a testament to the challenges filmmakers face in pleasing audiences while staying true to their artistic vision.

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Why Was The Fan Upset About The Scene?

The fan seemed unhappy with the director’s choice of using footage from the original film rather than creating a new one. The fan emphasized that viewers would’ve seen the first movie again if they wanted to see the same stuff.

In response, David F. Sandberg shared a screenshot of the fan’s comments and took it as a learning for his future projects. He understands that using old footage for a flashback scene doesn’t always work in favor of the film.

David Sandberg
Director David F. Sandberg

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David F. Sandberg Is Done With Superhero Movies

Sandberg, who helmed both Shazam films, seems to have lost interest in the superhero genre. In a Twitter thread, the director confirmed that he is eager to return to the horror genre, which he previously explored in his acclaimed short film Lights Out.

While it is uncertain if Sandberg’s departure from superhero films will be permanent, his desire to revisit horror has been met with enthusiasm from fans of the genre. Further details about his future projects are yet to be announced.

David Sandberg
David Sandberg

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Why Is David F. Sandberg Leaving The Superhero Genre?

The initial release of Shazam in 2019 took the industry by surprise, winning over both moviegoers and critics with its fresh storyline. The movie’s success was evidenced by its impressive 90% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the sequel’s reception has been less enthusiastic, with a significantly subdued response from the audience and critics alike.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods received only a 52% score, earning the platform’s unwanted “rotten” label. Sandberg expressed that he has no regrets about directing the sequel, emphasizing that his very proud of the end result. Nonetheless, his desire to “disconnect” from the superhero genre might not sit well with fans of the genre. He explained,

“A lot of that stresses me out so much and it will be nice not having to think about that anymore.”

David F. Sandberg and Zachary Levi
David F. Sandberg and Zachary Levi

The film’s sequel sees Zachary Levi donning the mantle of the eponymous superhero, sharing the screen with a talented cast that features Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, and Rachel Zegler.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will soon be streaming on HBO Max. It will also be available to rent and purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, YouTube, and Apple starting April 18.

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