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‘Am I Gonna Survive This?’: Stranger Things Star David Harbour Took Ryan Reynolds’ Advice After Career Threatening Flop Hellboy

David Harbour is loved worldwide for his role in Stranger Things, as Jim Hopper but his character in Hellboy in the 2019 reboot of the character’s film series is not as highly loved as Stranger Things. Critics were not easy on the film and termed it a box office bomb. The actor says that he admits that he is highly unsatisfied with his performance and when he looks back he sees that he was not being practical about the success as the fans were highly attached to  Guillermo del Toro’s two Hellboy movies.

David Harbour
David Harbour

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What were David Harbour’s views regarding Hellboy?


The actor said that he had a very difficult experience because he wanted a lot out of what he was doing. He said he liked Mike Mignola, who created Hellboy, and he said he really liked the character. But he realized that the fans did not want to re-invent the character and he immediately understood that after the release. He was very optimistic about the results.

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Did The Actor ask Ryan Reynolds for help?

Ryan Reynold
Ryan Reynolds

David Harbour knew someone who had a similar experience as he did and turned to him for advice on how to cope. He asked Ryan Reynolds for help as he had also starred in Green Lantern but failed to meet the expectations.

The actor said that he knew Ryan Reynolds very little personally, yet he called him up asking him if he remembers his movie, Green Lantern, which was indeed a flop. After asking him that he panicked a little about his question but also said that he was sweet with his response.

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What similarities do Ryan Reynolds and David Harbour have?

David Harbour in Hellboy
David Harbour in Hellboy

Both the actors have a lot of similarities and it does not end with them having to deal with flop movies. The Stranger Things actor has not headlined in any Marvel movies but he did get to play The Red Guardian, in Marvel Studious Black Widow movie, which also got a better response from the critics. Reynolds found the comic book movie redemption of the Deadpool movie, and he may have leaked that to the public. On the other hand, Harbour kind of made funny comments regarding The Red Guardian.

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Source: Comicbook

Written by Kathakali Sarkar