David Ramsey To Return As John Diggle & “Mystery Character” For Arrowverse

David Ramsey To Return As John Diggle & "Mystery Character" For Arrowverse
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Played by David Ramsey, John Diggle was first introduced as a bodyguard to protect Oliver Queen after his return to Star City in Arrow. But soon enough, Diggle managed to uncover Oliver’s secrets and founded Team Arrow to help the billionaire vigilante fight crime in Star City. As Arrow expanded into the Arrowverse, John Diggle’s role also became more prominent as he started getting involved in much larger threats than street thugs.


David Ramsey Returns

David Ramsey To Return As John Diggle & "Mystery Character" For Arrowverse

According to Deadline, David Ramsey is set to return to reprise his role as John Diggle in The CW network. But additionally, the actor will also return to direct five new episodes for the DC Universe. Earlier, Ramsey had made his directorial debut in Arrow back in 2018 and directed a second episode during the season’s finale.


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If reports are to be believed, David Ramsey is not just returning as John Diggle to the Arrowverse. As a guest character, Ramsey is believed to return as John Diggle in the upcoming Superman & LoisSupergirlThe Flash, and Batwoman. However, the actor will also return as a ‘mystery character’ in The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.

What This Means

David Ramsey To Return As John Diggle & "Mystery Character" For Arrowverse


In the series finale of Arrow, John Diggle was revealed to find an emerald ring before moving to Metropolis. In the DC Universe, the emerald ring is associated with the universe’s greatest protectors: the Green Lantern Corps.

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As it has been speculated earlier that John Diggle will become the Green Lantern in near future, the mystery character from Legends of Tomorrow might be able to shed some light on it. As it has been confirmed that the actor will be returning as the fan-favorite John Diggle in The FlashSuperman & LoisBatwoman, and Supergirl, the only logical conclusion of David Ramsey donning the bright green costume and wielding the power ring is from an alternate universe.


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