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David Tennant Reveals His Potential Doctor Who Return

David Tennant Reveals His Potential Doctor Who Return

The British series Doctor Who has been a fan-beloved show since it started airing. Several notable actors, such as Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker, played the Doctor. However, David Tennant has to be the prominent favorite, and certain rumors have erupted about his return after the latest Doctor quit.

David Tennant as the Doctor in Doctor Who
Doctor Who: the Doctor, a Time Lord, played by David Tennant

Decade-long rumors making a comeback

On Saturday, during the German Comic-Con, Tennant commented on the rumors that started flooding in after Russell Davies confirmed his return to the series’ 60th-anniversary special. Russell Davies was the Doctor Who showrunner when David Tennant played the Tenth Doctor. It is to be noted that this is not the first time Tennant faces these talks.

In addition, Jodie Whittaker, who was the latest leading actor in the series, announced her exit. With no potential actor reported for the lead role and Davies’ return, Tennant had been subjected to the return rumors.

Jodie Whittaker: the first female Time Lord of Doctor Who
First female Doctor: the latest Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker

David Tennant Reacts To His Potential Return

David Tennant has been open with his message every time he addressed the Doctor Who return rumors. He addressed when questioned about his return alongside Davies for the series’ 60th-anniversary special. “It all depends. The moment you say yes to Doctor Who, even before you’ve done an episode, you’re being asked whether you’d go back after you finish.”

Being a no stranger to these talks, David Tennant again responded during the comic con this weekend.

“I’ve been asked a version of this question for the last 20 years — [Laughs] — and I’ve learned through bitter experience that there’s not any point in even answering it because whatever I say is spun by whoever wants to hear it. So there’s no point in me denying it, there’s no point in me confirming it, there’s no point in me fudging it. Whatever I say will become whatever the Internet wants it to be. I mean, it would be quite a weird idea, and it’s not something you’d necessarily expect from Doctor Who. So, I’m not going to try and give you more than that because what’s the point!”

In his hilarious yet diplomatic response, Tennant has put it up to the fans and their interpretation of this topic. Can we expect his return as the 14th Doctor? Quite a response by Tennant to leave us hanging!

Doctor Who is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer.

Written by Sona Singh