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‘David Zaslav wants Superman back in movie theaters ASAP’: Industry Expert Confirms WB Fast-Tracking Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2 After Epic Black Adam Response

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Man of Steel star Henry Cavill is somewhere out there preparing to attend those flashy premiere screenings of Enola Holmes 2 and Argylle, and all this time we were thinking “He’s still got one more Superman movie in his contract”. Well, that’s true, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the highly anticipated Man of Steel 2 is finally in the works!

Perhaps many would’ve forgotten Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel since it aired in 2013. We can’t really blame their memory fading about how the uproar for a sequel slowly over the years turned into a yearly joke about it never releasing. But the gates have been reopened for DC fans to finally enjoy a standalone Superman movie, and they’ve got Henry Cavill back!

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Henry Cavill as Superman

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Warner Bros. Are Finally Starting Work On Man Of Steel 2

It took Warner Bros. nine-long years to finally confirm a sequel to the much-awaited sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

For all those years WB’s subsidiary DC Films went through quite a tumultuous phase in terms of management which wasn’t too fond of Snyder’s increasing influence on the DCEU, or his idea of Superman.

Man of Steel FandomWire
Henry Cavill as Superman

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This over the years swayed DC fans from ever hoping to see a sequel to the Henry Cavill-led movie. But all that wait has now paid off, and we should be getting the Man of Steel sequel soon enough since Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav wants it in theaters ASAP.

Steven Weintraub, the editor-in-chief and founder of the entertainment website Collider, recently tweeted about Zaslav’s eagerness to bring the pop culture icon Superman back into theaters.

While questions have been raised over Zaslav’s tenure as President of Warner Bros. Discovery, its no doubt that a move to bring back Superman, and that too with Henry Cavill reprising his role, is also an attempt to gain some redemption for all the problems and controversies surrounding WB for the last few months.

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Fans Go Ham Over Man of Steel 2 News

It was The Hollywood Reporter that first reported on the breaking news regarding the return of DC’s beloved superhero to the big screens.

Man of Steel FandomWire
A still from Man of Steel

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THR reported that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav and the heads of Warner Bros. Pictures, Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy are keen on seeing Cavill reprise DCEU’s Superman.

It was further confirmed that Charles Roven would be the producer for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie is also reportedly set to be on the list of screenwriters, while a director is yet to be hired.

Fans have by all means gone absolutely crazy over the good news, and Twitter is blowing up left, right, and center-

The Rock, of all people, saving the DCEU-

It’s the biggest of wins-

They want him back-

Quite ironic to use a Homelander GIF, no? –

It’s been a long wait guys, maybe that rumored cameo in Black Adam might also happen! On a side note, we really have to thank Dwayne Johnson for all the hard work in bringing WB and Henry Cavill to an agreement!

There is no current release date for Man of Steel 2.

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