Days Gone Developers Sony Bend Tease Future Exclusive Plans and Potential Sequel

A new IP is being 'cooked'.


  • Studio Bend has teased its progress on the new IP.
  • There's no official news whether it's a sequel or new game.
  • Given Days Gone's popularity, we can expect a similar experience.
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Days Gone is arguably one of the better open-world experiences on the PlayStation 4. It combined zombie-killing sprees with a tactical approach. Ever since its launch on PC and a plethora of bug fixes, the game has garnered the attention of many players and stands as a great title in its own right.


However, Studio Bend has been quiet about any future plans for a sequel, but a recent tweet may give fans something to look forward to. Whether it’s a sequel or a brand-new IP, it seems that the studio is working on something for the modern console. 

Just Two Words from the Studio, and We’re Back on the Hype Train

Days Gone Studio Bend
Despite its flaws, the game holds quite the reputation as an open-world experience.

In a recent tweet that started it all, Studio Bend wished everyone a polite greeting. In one of those threads, the team teased a new IP (or, a sequel) by typing out, ‘We cooking’. The tweet has already hit more than 1.7k likes at the time of writing and has been receiving an ample number of responses from users online.


In a way, developers have broken their silence after a long time in the context of future plans for a new exclusive title. The success of Days Gone took a while to reach millions of players, but once it did, a demand for a sequel has been an ongoing conversation in the community. 

At the moment, the studio has 150 employees, and its official website seems to hold career openings majorly for UX design roles. Usually, UX roles are assigned to the creative team when a game may be in its nascent stage where interface work needs an overhaul or new ideation seems to be the thing.


In a way, the game is known for its clever UI design and it’s not surprising to know that the team is looking for new people to join the designers. If the new game has an even more polished interface that seamlessly merges with Sony’s modern UX, it’s a welcoming feature for everyone.

A new title from Studio Bend can be another open-world experience or a more linear single-player narrative. It’ll be exciting to see how the developers bring out a new game.

Could the New IP Be Anything like Days Gone?

Studio Bend Sony
The studio’s knack for blending multiple sub-genres can lead to an interesting new IP.

At the time of its initial launch on the PlayStation 4, Days Gone wasn’t attracting the kind of expectations it wanted. Most people were laughing off the bugs, glitches, and narrative hangups in the otherwise enjoyable game. Furthermore, many players complained how the real essence of the game wasn’t part of the experience until they were more than a few hours into the game’s initial chapters.


But, once these hiccups were sorted out and the game came out as a polished title, many aspects of the game became impressive feats of what a post-apocalyptic open-world game can look and feel like. Given the nature of how intense the first game can get, players can expect to go against thousands of zombies at a time while also surviving against terrifying enemy types. 

The game’s story, even though done and dusted, holds the promise of expanding upon the breathtaking landscapes of Oregon and a motorcycle to accompany you at most times. If you think about the capabilities of a modern console, not only can another open world by the developers look amazing, but be equally immersive in terms of details and environments.

If it’s indeed a new IP, there’s no limit to all that can be done, given the studio’s knack for combining multiple genres of video games. However, if it’s a sequel, we can expect a more non-linear approach to characters and how zombies are dealt with. More weapons, vehicles, stories; the potential seems endless.


We’ll have to wait until the developers make an official announcement. In the meantime, it’s best to let them cook up and do what they’re best at. 

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