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DC Comics: 6 Reasons The Dark Multiverse Is Scarier Than You Think

DC Comics 6 Reasons The Dark Multiverse Is Scarier Than You Think

The Dark Multiverse may be one of the best things to ever happen to the DC Universe. Here’s why the Dark Multiverse should scare you.

It Holds More Worlds Than The Normal Multiverse

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More Worlds Than You Could Think

The nature of the Dark Multiverse allows it to hold many more universe and realities within its cradle. And that number far exceeds anything the normal multiverse could contain. And since every universe in the Dark Multiverse is a twisted version of the DC universe, just imagine the horrors and the terrors that await anyone who decide to venture into those depths. The Dark Multiverse still holds many secrets the Justice League has not been able to decipher. And they probably never will. The realm will forever remain a mystery because it is truly infinite and everlasting.

Each Universe In The Dark Multiverse Is Born Out Of Fear

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Hush

Every universe you see in the Dark Multi-verse is a reality created out of sheer fear. Every nightmare, every horror you encounter or ever hope not to face, it takes shape in this realm. And then it amplifies and creates more worlds out of the fear and horror of the newly created universe’s residents, resulting in perpetual expansion that can never be stopped. Growing like a cancer under the shadow of the DC Multiverse, the dark multi-verse has creatures and monsters literal nightmares are made up of.

The Dark Multiverse Was Inspired By The Discovery Of Dark Matter

Dark Multiverse Justice League Monsters
The Batman Who Laughs

Scientists quantify dark matter as the matter that occupies the empty space between galaxies. It exists but no one knows for sure how it looks like or what its properties are. That’s what makes it so mysterious. Scott Snyder, who was the father of Dark Nights: Metal, created the Dark Multi-verse after realizing something like Dark Matter exists. His interpretation of a realm under the shadow of the known multiversal realm is basically the story of yin and yang. The Multiverse cannot exist without the Dark Multi-Verse and vice versa. Where there’s light, there will always be shadow.

The Realm Is In Constant Flux

DC Dark Multiverse Powerful Heroes Header
Dark Knights

Since the dark multi-verse is the polar opposite of the normal DC multiverse, it will obviously have antonymistic properties. The normal DC multiverse is stable. The Dark Multi-verse is the opposite of stable. Powered by the fear of the sentient beings of the actual multiverse, this realm is in eternal flux. A universe within this realm only comes to an end when the fear of the residents of the normal Multiverse powering it is extinguished.

It Is A Cosmic Parasite That Feeds On Entire Realities

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Consumes Everything

The realm exists only to create suffering and agony. It is powered by fear and negativity of the sentient beings of the Multiverse. The other reason it is a nuisance is because the Dark Multi-verse is basically a parasite. It exists to destroy and devastate. It is not like we can do anything about it. The Dark Multiverse will keep on decimating forever since that is its purpose in the grand creation of things. Destroying it would mean the cosmic balance no longer exists.

The Only Reasons It Was Created Was To Overthrow The Source

Perpetua DC Villain1.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=963&h=481&dpr=1

Originally known as the World Forge, the Dark Multi-verse was created by Perpetua – a Super Celestial. Then she entrusted the World Forge with Alpheus, her son. Barbatos later kills Alpheus and corrupts the Forge to lay birth to the Dark Multi-verse. Perpetua created this realm for only one reason – to create an army. Since the Dark Multi-verse is ever-expanding with twisted realities, she believed one day she would derive an army from this realm, an army powerful enough to topple the Source.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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