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DC Confirms Ben Affleck’s Batman Funds Ezra Miller’s Flash in the DCEU

ezra miller ben affleck batman in th eflash

The relationship between Batman and Flash has been shown clearly as that of a mentor and that of a follower in the DCEU movies. To be more precise, the relationship is like that of MCU’s Iron Man and Spider-Man. Looks like it finally gets its confirmation here as the comic book which will act as the prequel of the Flash movie hints at something like that in the DCEU too. 

The Flash receives high test-screening score
The Flash receives a high test-screening score

Reportedly Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie is going to be one of the best movies of DC. The early critics’ reactions were so good that it was also being compared to that of The Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan.

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Batman has got Flash’s back

It is not new for the superhero world to introduce a young superhero with the help of a mightier one. It is done to incorporate the values and morals in the hero and to also set him in a perfect direction. The relationship between Ben Affleck‘s Batman to Ezra Miller’s Flash will be something like this only.

Ezra Miller FandomWire
Ezra Miller as Flash

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A glimpse of Batman’s affection for the young speedster was already shown in the past two versions of Justice League as well. As hinted in the comic book, this movie will feature the caped crusader also advancing financial help to Barry Allen and acting as a mentor to him. 

Ben Affleck’s Batman can be an important part of the modern DCEU 

In the recently released prequel tie-in comics The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1, Batman is shown giving a ring to Flash. This ring helps Flash instantly suit up anywhere. While giving the ring, Bruce Wayne says that it’s a gift from him and Alfred. This gives us a clear view that Batman will also help Flash with all the technological help he needs. 

The Batman is going to mentor Flash
Ben Affleck’s Batman with Flash

It is a notable fact that the trouble that Warner Bros. Discovery had after the release of the 2018 Justice League led to Ben Affleck expressing his desire to leave the role. But his return in The Flash shows that he is bound to have a major role in the future of DCEU. 

Moreover, the Gone Girl actor is also set to star in the sequel of Aquaman. This further adds validates that Ben Affleck can be a major set piece in David Zaslav’s DC plan.

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Why is The Flash an important movie for DC?

Although the test screening results are very impressive, The Flash doesn’t cease to attract backlash and recast demands. All these are due to the misdeeds and charges on Ezra Miller

The Flash test screenings rival The Dark Knight Trilogy
The Flash test screenings rival The Dark Knight Trilogy

But as DC is claiming for a long time, this movie’s going to be a major turning point for the DCEU. It is said that the movie will reboot the entire DCEU and also involve multiversal concepts as Michael Keaton’s veteran Bruce Wayne is also set to join the party. Besides, this movie can also act as medicine to fix all those problems that WBD is going through and can also set the course for Zaslav’s long 10-year plan.

The Flash is set to hit the theaters on June 23, 2023

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