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DC Movies Warner Brothers Should Make as an Absolute Hail Mary to Save the Superhero Franchise


Even after the merger of Warner Bros. with Discovery, the future of DC still doesn’t feel as good as it’s supposed to be. After David Zaslav joined the company as the new CEO, we have only heard the news about nothing else but cancellations. With the cancellation of Batgirl, the studio announced a long-term plan for the future like MCU so that they can work in a fixed direction. But till now, we lack any major announcement related to the future of DCEU. So here is a list of five DC movies that if executed properly can not only turn out to be absolute box-office bangers but can also revive the Cinematic Universe.

David Zaslav trashes DCEU Batgirl
David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery

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DC’s Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavill proves to be making a comeback as Superman
Henry Cavill’s comeback as Superman can be one of the greatest cinematic experiences

The first and the foremost project that will surely prove to be a major hit is the sequel to the Zack Snyder directorial starring Henry Cavill. The fiasco around Zack Snyder is known to everyone and it is also a very well-known fact that bringing back Cavill for the role of the Kryptonian will not be so easy. But if DC tries to settle the matter and bring him back on board then it will be a banger of a success. It is also reported that Henry Cavill can have a potential cameo in the upcoming Black Adam so it can be perfect timing for the company to bring back all the audiences it is losing.

John Constantine

Constantine project in development in dc
John Constantine 

A John Constantine movie has to be a fixed decision by the House of Superman if the studio wants to add some savageness to the DCEU. With an amalgamation of Wittiness and the cool nature of the character with the already relevant dark atmosphere of DC, the studio can attract a well bunch of audience from this project. The concepts of supernatural abilities and magic will also attract a new type of audience. Although there is a TV series on him and also a brand new HBO Max series in making, he is yet to debut in the DCEU.

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A Batman Movie with Ben Affleck

DC Movies that can be blockbusters
We are yet to receive any solo DCEU Batman movie

Ben Affleck’s Batman was set to be one of the major characters in DCEU. Even though Affleck’s casting was skeptical, the fans were extremely impressed when he appeared in Dawn of Justice. He dons the role of the Dark Knight well and it will be a very wise decision if DCEU gives him a movie of his own. With Ben Affleck’s casting already confirmed in Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom and  The Flash, it will help the fans to fully explore the streets of Gotham in this universe of DC and can also establish some new iconic characters like Robin, Deathstroke, and even the most popular of them all, Joker.


eathstroke can be a major step in DC's revival
Deathstroke in Justice League

DC was on its way to set up a major Batman vs Deathstroke until the whole Snyder Cut fiasco started which further changed the whole future of this cinematic universe. The mercenary Slade Wilson can be as bada*s as Deadpool in Marvel. We have also seen Joseph Manganiello in an uncredited cameo in the Justice League and he looked too dope so it would be an amazing decision for the studio if they proceed with the character and establishes him as an amazing supervillain in DCEU.

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Green Lantern

Green Lantern DC Comics
DC Comics Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern

Last but not the least, Green Lantern can be an absolute decision for Warner Bros. and DC to implement and take the Universe to a cosmic level. With everyone well aware of the fact about what happened to the Ryan Reynolds starrer, the movie needs a reboot as soon as possible. Even though the earlier movie was a disaster, by the reception received by the character in the Animated DC Universe makes it sure that if worked properly, it can also be a great storyline. So if the studio works on this project then Warner Bros. is sure to receive another blockbuster.

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