DC FanDome: 5 Things Which Are Confirmed (& 5 Rumours We Hope Become True)

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The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has affected the entertainment industry on a calamitous level. From delayed releases to halting production, the pandemic has brought the entire industry to its knees. The most coveted San-Diego Comic-Con of 2020 was also cancelled due to safety reasons and instead was held digitally for the first time in 50 years.


As a result, many upcoming projects were not revealed mostly due to indefinitely delayed release dates, halting of production, and other reasons. But finally, some good news has arrived from DC. Like the Comic-Con@Home event, DC has planned the DC FanDome to release everything related to it. Scheduled to be held on August 22, here are the five confirmed news from the DC FanDome and five rumours which have been making the rounds lately.


10. CONFIRMED: Jason Momoa’s presence at DC FanDome

No DCEU event is complete without the flamboyant and lovable Jason Momoa. The Aquaman star has confirmed to be present at the upcoming DC FanDome event.

Now, Jason Momoa will surely shed some more light on the upcoming Snyder Cut. But apart from that, there are speculations that Momoa might spill a few beans regarding Aquaman 2. If not, there is still hope that there might be some news regarding the animated miniseries, Aquaman: King of Atlantis which takes place during Arthur Curry’s first days of becoming the King of Atlantis. The miniseries is set to be released on HBO Max.


9. RUMOURED: Two new DCEU movies to be announced

The DC FanDome is supposed to be a mega event for all things DC. And, it doesn’t get any bigger than the DC Extended Universe. For such a mega event, releasing the news for new upcoming movies can be the icing on the cake.

As the DCEU has finally started showing its true potential, a Man of Steel 2 movie to bring back Henry Cavill into the fold surely seems like a nice idea. Also, the DC FanDome can let the fans rest easy by confirming the Batman Beyond movie starring Michael Keaton, if it’s really happening.


8. CONFIRMED: The Rock to be present at DC FanDome

For years, a Black Adam movie has been teased by Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. But after the release of Shazam!, the project seems to have finally gained enough momentum to move forward.

As The Rock has confirmed over social media that “the hierarchy of the DC Universe is about to change”, Black Adam will play a pivotal role in the future of the DCEU. With director Jaume Collet-Serra at the helm, it will be his second collaboration with The Rock, after Jungle Cruise.


7. RUMOURED: The Suicide Squad’s First Trailer

After the fiasco of old tweets made Marvel Studios fire James Gunn, the DCEU quickly capitalized the situation by hiring him for The Suicide Squad. Though Marvel did re-hire Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the ace director has chosen to focus solely on Task Force X before going back to the space bandits.

Being fairly active on social media, James Gunn has regularly posted set photos of the upcoming The Suicide Squad. Having a massive cast which includes new entrants like Idris Elba, Taika Waititi (WHAT?), John Cena, Sean Gunn, Nathan Fillion, Peter Capaldi, Michael Rooker, and Pete Davidson, The Suicide Squad is all set to erase its fairly forgettable predecessor.


6. CONFIRMED: Ezra Miller to be present at the event

No place is far enough for the Flash as Ezra Miller has confirmed to be present at the DC FanDome. Interestingly, the news of Ezra attending the event did not come from him, rather, from Barbara Muschietti, the wife of Andy Muschietti (director).

With Ezra’s presence, we might get some concrete information regarding the involvement of Michael Keaton’s Batman in the movie. Ezra might also spill some news about Flash’s rogue-gallery and the members making their debut in the upcoming movie. Or maybe, Ezra can finally share some news about the Reverse Flash and his presence in the movie.


5. RUMOURED: Second teaser of Matt Reeves’ The Batman

After the first mysterious and brooding trailer of The Batman, Matt Reeves has gone awfully silent regarding the details of the movie. In a true Batman style, maybe the second teaser of the movie might be released at the event to everyone’s surprise.

After confirming that The Batman is adapted from The Long Halloween, fans can hardly contain their excitement to see a neo-noir, detective-style approach instead of using the now-saturated version of the Dark Knight using his fists more than his wits.



Without an iota of doubt, it has been confirmed that Zack Snyder will be making his presence felt with more news regarding the upcoming Snyder Cut.

In the SDCC, Snyder teased the famous Black Suit of Superman, showing the tip of his originally planned idea for Justice League. Now, we can only imagine what news can Snyder tease regarding the Snyder Cut. Is it going to be about Darkseid? Or, will Snyder finally show the Martian Manhunter making his debut on the big screen?


3. RUMOURED: The return of Bat-Fleck!

Despite having a very short-lived career as the Dark Knight, Ben Affleck quickly became a fan-favourite for his accurate portrayal of the Batman from the comic books. His bulking physique and especially, the warehouse fight scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left the fans reeling for a solo Batman movie.

But sadly, Affleck left the mantle of the Caped Crusader due to his personal problems with alcoholism and mental depression. Yet recently, the rumour of Affleck coming back for one last time has been making the internet go crazy. If not Batman, Ben Affleck can still be attached to the DCEU as a director, having proved his mettle so many times over the years.


2. CONFIRMED: First look at WB Games Montreal’s new game

WB Games Montreal has been teasing a new video game for years which has left the fans barely able to contain their excitement. Though no concrete news has been yet released regarding the game, WB Games has confirmed that they will be attending the event.

According to recent rumours, the brand new game might be another Batman game, titled Batman: Gotham Knights. With no solid sources to confirm it, we can only wait for the event to make their official announcement.


1. RUMOURED: Brand new Suicide Squad Game

The same rumour revolving Batman: Gotham Knights also made another headline which took the gaming fandom by a storm. If the rumours are to be believed, the developers of the Arkham games are currently working on a brand new Suicide Squad video-game.

As Rocksteady’s secret project, a Suicide Squad video-game can be a huge achievement just for the sheer number of playable characters it can provide. But before we delve too deep into the rumours, only the upcoming DC FanDome event can let us rest with official confirmation.

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