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DC Finally Acknowledges Stephanie Brown – The Low-Key Most Criminally Underrated Robin Ever

How many Robins do you know? There’s Dick Grayson, the first Robin who is now Nightwing. There’s Jason Todd, who died in Death In The Family and was resurrected as the Red Hood. We also have Tim Drake, the smartest of all Robins. And then there’s Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne and the newest addition to the Robin mantle. And in all these names, we tend to forget there was yet another Robin. Stephanie Brown is a teenage girl who becomes one of the first female Robins in the DC Universe.

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For years, she was neglected by DC. The comic book publication almost forgot she even existed after she was pushed to the sidelines. For years, DC Comics failed to acknowledge how amazing Stephanie Brown was as Robin. But things finally seem to be changing, moving in the right direction. And all DC fans, young and old, are happy to see she is finally getting the recognition she truly deserves.

Make Way For The Most Underrated Robin


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In the latest issue of Robin #5, we come face to face with Stephanie Brown’s Robin persona. Brown still operates as a vigilante under the Bat-Family. Her superhero alias is the Spoiler. Stephanie’s brief stint as the Girl Wonder is overshadowed by her immediate peers. DC‘s newest Infinite Frontier arc seems to be keeping its promise of bringing back all relevant past continuities into a single fold. Stephanie is among the group of former Robins trying to convince Damian Wayne to return back to his roots.

Who Is Stephanie Brown?


Stephanie Brown is the daughter of Cluemaster, a Batman villain. She teamed up with Batman to stop her father’s evil machinations. After taking up the role of Spoiler, she helped save many innocent lives. Brown’s biggest highlight seemed to be her relationship with Tim Drake, the then Robin. After Drake retired from the role, Stephanie persuaded Batman to train her as the new Robin. Batman only agreed to use her as bait so that Tim would return to being the Robin.



Feeling betrayed and wanting to prove herself, Stephanie initiated a secret failsafe protocol created by batman that initiated a city-wide gang war. Brown was tortured and killed by Black Mask. It was later revealed that she is secretly alive and now in another continent.

Robins Unite For Damian Wayne

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In Robin #5, Damian is getting ready to make am mark in the League of Lazarus Tournament. While he is just about to get in, the former four Robins – Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Spoiler interrupt him. Damian is angry over the fact that his former team-mates do not trust him with doing the right thing. He starts by mocking Spoiler when he tries to sympathize with him. Nightwing jumps into the conversation and refers to Stephanie as a Robin, claiming they know better since they were all Robins to Batman before Damian.

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This is quite an interesting development. For years, DC Comics casually forgot the contribution of Stephanie Brown as Robin to the Bat-Family. It was her that led to Batman taking on a stricter approach towards taking in child proteges. Her ‘death’ led to Tim Drake permanently renouncing the Robin mantle and taking on the red Robin alias.

The issue even states that out of all the Robins, “Spoiler is the bravest” because of her sacrifices. Indeed!!! Thank you DC. Long overdue but even still – THANK YOU!!

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