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DC Hints Batman is Bisexual in Recent Comics, Fans Celebrate Surprising Revelation

DC Hints Batman is Bisexual in Recent Comics Fans Celebrate Surprising Revelation

The DC comics are always a treat. The veteran characters we grew up alongside — Batman, Superman, Sandman, The Flash, Spectre — are some of the first superheroes. Detective Comics (DC for short) is the first and oldest American comics company. It all started with Action Comics #1 in June 1938 and now has an inclusive all-encompassing array of superheroes under its banner.

The Auction History of “Action Comics” #1 - Auction Daily
Action Comics #1

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The Dark Knight entered the comic universe without an origin story in Detective Comics #27 by Bill Finger. A dark origin story, haunted past, pure grit, experience, trauma, and his controversial ideologies on justice — all of it contributes toward his status as the perfect tragic hero. The recent versions of Batman have however gone back to the roots to explore what more is left to uncover in the dark avenger’s story.

DC - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman
DC heroes

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Batman: The Knight #5

The latest issue of Batman: The Knight has revealed quite a bit about the cape crusader’s time from the past. The story is created by Chip Zdarsky, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Ivan Plascencia, and Pat Brosseau and it follows a young Bruce Wayne escaping from a Russian prison with fellow trainee Anton.

Batman in the comics

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However, the pair are helped by an ex-KGB agent, Avery Oblonsky who later reveals themselves to be Alexei Yahontov, the FSB’s department chief. Bruce wanted to be trained by Yahontov/Oblonsky in the art of espionage and as his search comes to fruition so does his moment of self-actualization.

In a moment of self-doubt, the young hero reveals to Anton his woes about returning to Gotham as a failure, and the latter comforts and assures him by telling him he is amazing. Anton also admits that he thought he was alone in the world when the two look into each other’s eyes. Just as the moment speaks connotatively of bisexual realization on Bruce’s part, the pair are interrupted by Oblonsky who enters the scene with a suggestive “Gentlemen… Am I interrupting something?”

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Batman’s Bi-Panic History

Recently, fans had been exploding following the interaction between Constantine and Batman in Batman: Urban Legends. The conversation was chalked up as being sufficiently flirty enough to warrant some questions about their heterosexuality.

Other tweets have been going stir crazy over the recent publication of Anton and Bruce’s interaction. Here are some of the best and funniest responses.



On an unrelated note, fans of Robert Pattinson’s portrayal in Matt Reeves’ film The Batman (2022) had some inputs of their own as well:

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GAY Times, the social media Bible for the LGBT+ community has also published a recent article discussing the possibility of Batman’s coming out via The Knight #5.

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Other DC characters like Tim Drake’s Robin and Jon Kent’s Superman are already confirmed as bisexual. But more than most, it is Harley Quinn who rules as the reigning bi-queen of DC. With almost all major characters traversing previously uncharted terrains on norms and identity, it’s almost a confirmation for Batman to join in on the host of inclusive LGBTQIA+ characters in DC’s modern history.

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