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‘DC is dead’: Fans Blast Warner Brothers after Henry Cavill Reportedly Out of DCU

'DC is dead': Fans Blast Warner Brothers after Henry Cavill Reportedly Out of DCU

Henry Cavill’s return to the DC Universe was like finally seeing the light of dawn after a long vigorous stroll in the dark. His cameo in Black Adam brought hope to so many fans as well as the actor himself who has also claimed on multiple occasions as to how much he loves the character.

Henry Cavill returns
Henry Cavill announced his return as Superman recently

While negotiations for a contract for the actor had been underway, fans had been patiently waiting for any concrete news regarding Cavill’s return and what the DCU might have in store for them. However, it may not look as bright as once anticipated as now reports claim that Henry Cavill might be out of the DCU completely.

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Henry Cavill Is Out Of The DCU Once Again

After a long line of negotiations, Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher due to his busy schedule, and Man of Steel 2 being greenlit, it would seem as if all of that quite quickly came crumbling down as reports state that he will not be returning as the character. As excited as everyone had been, this news is like a shocking revelation to the fans. James Gunn regarded that to make the ideal DCU vision, the input and wants of the audience are just as important.

Henry Cavill as Superman

Gunn’s direction for the DCU may seem brutal at first, but upon further inspection, it makes sense as to why he would be forced to make such a decision. An important aspect of what ties the DCU to the DCEU is the Snyderverse. As much as they would want to run away from it, something or the other would always linger and hold them back from moving on.

Essentially, Zack Snyder’s influence in the franchise started with Henry Cavill and Superman. So to move away from this influence and in order to give rise to a newer more structured vision, it would be wise to get rid of anything that might create controversies and remove the aspect of competing with their own selves.

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Fans Do Not Like The Idea Of Henry Cavill Being Out

Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU.
Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU.

As expected, this news was not well received by the audience. Henry Cavill’s fans as well as Zack Snyder’s supporters have stepped forward and conveyed their disappointment after a cameo that had been hyped beyond compare.






While many fans understand Gunn’s vision and how he is choosing to stop competing with Snyder, some still wish to see the actor back in his iconic role. There was no question that Cavill was a brilliant interpretation of Superman, however, the history that the DCU is trying to move on from is tied a lot with the adored actor and his role.

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