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‘DC just left that movie to die’: DC Fans in Shambles as Shazam 2 Suffers Devastating 80% Box Office Decline in a Week

'DC just left that movie to die': DC Fans in Shambles as Shazam 2 Suffers Devastating 80% Box Office Decline in a Week

DC has never been a step behind in the comic universe, may it be their content or superheroes or supervillains. But in recent times, due to movies like Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, DC Studios has fallen behind in the superhero business though they are the oldest producing house related to heroes and villains.

Unlike the good old times when Superman and Batman used to carry the entire DC universe on their shoulders, the time has come for new and upcoming heroes to rise up and take the mantle. But as the current DC is progressing it seems highly unlikely that this will happen shortly and DC Studio’s recent movie Shazam! Fury of the Gods has quite proved the point with its crippling box office results as it saw a massive decline in its box office build-up.

DC glory days
DC glory days

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Shazam 2 Is Heading Towards a Complete Box Office Failure

Ever since Zack Snyder exited from the DCEU and left it and his vision for the franchise hanging, DC has not been able to cope with its losses in terms of script and story writing. As the mighty Snyder envisioned a perfect script and put forward a plan of 5 movies for the boost of the DC Universe, it seemed achievable at some point with him backing the scripts.

Scene from Shazam! Fury of the Gods.
A still from Shazam! Fury of the Gods

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But as Zack Snyder only got to complete 3 movies out of the 5, his vision for the franchise was dropped when he left DC for some personal reasons and his successor, Joss Whedon could not pick up what he left and instead started his own version of the franchise. It turned out to be the start of the downfall of DC and as of now, DC Universe is arguably at its lowest with back-to-back box potential office failures, Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods was released on 17th March 2023 and as per critic reviewers, the movie was nothing special. The movie has a critic rating of 6.6/10 and it saw a massive downfall in its box office collection in its second week when compared to the first.

It was as big as a massive 80% on the downside, though the movie was never made to be a box office major, things are far worse than its original plans and a mere 2 weeks were enough for the Studio to pull the plug on the movie. It was reported that DC Studios will be releasing the movie for digital purchase within a month after its release to cope with its losses and at least break even from its estimated 125 million-dollar budget.

DC Revival?: James Gunn’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters

In January 2023, James Gunn announced his upcoming plans for DCU and it came as quite a shock that Gunn will be naming his “plans” as Chapters, he claimed that they will be just like MCU’s phases just much better. Gunn’s Chapter 1 will introduce many new characters on both sides and it seems that he is trying to emphasize more on new characters and roles instead of the already existing heroes and villains, a thing that the MCU is yet to accomplish.

After Gunn became the boss, his actions such as dropping Snyderverse and also dropping most of the related actors around his movies show his determination and will to see through the whole situation and put DC on top again. Though it might be quite a long stretch till the first place, each step matters and on the better side, DC’s complete reboot might be a good thing, at least it will be much better to watch the beginning of a new franchise than carrying the current broken one.

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Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters

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Chapter 1 will have movies like Superman: Legacy which will hit the theatres on July 11, 2025. The Authority, The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and Swamp Things. From the announced tv series, there will be Creature Commandos, Waller, Booster Gold, Lanters, and Paradise Lost. Furthermore, DC Studios will be working on projects like The Flash, Blue Beetle, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Peacemaker Season 2, Joker: Folie à Deux, The Batman 2, Gotham Knights, Superman & Lois, and Pennyworth. Now some of them have been confirmed, some of them have not, and some of the projects are in the making.

Shazam! is available for streaming on HBO Max.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is now available in theaters.

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