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DC & Marvel Writers Reveal Their Movie-Worthy Dream Projects That’ll Never See The Light Of Day

The writers at Marvel and DC are some of the most acclaimed and well-respected figures in their fields. They have helped create countless breathtaking stories. Many tales and comic book arcs have won numerous awards. Quite a lot of them have given rise to acclaimed movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, world’s most profitable movie franchise, is one of the many products of comic book writers coming together.

But the mind of an artist never wears itself out when thinking new ideas and concepts. Writers are some of the most creative people in the planet. Probably because they do not rely on colors but the sheer simplicity of words to draw an entire universe. What they imagine is wonderful and magnificent. It is the work of the writers that the artists then bring to life.

Social media has given these comic book writers to come together in a common platform. There, they share ideas and concepts that have been their lifelong dreams. But they know these dream projects will probably never come to life because Marvel and DC would never allow them. In a recent Twitter challenge, writers of Marvel and DC used Tweets to voice out their fantastic ideas.

And all of this is happening as part of a twitter challenge. the writers are given one simple question. They get one chance to write a six issue series on an established comic book character. The story would be based on their notions and ideas. And the plot direction and pacing will also be under their control. From exploring untapped areas of how a Superhero affects the world around him or her to highlighting underrated characters, the Marvel-DC writers left no stone unturned.

Erica Schultz Wants To Explore Hawkwoman & Life In Thanagar

An acclaimed writer with deep roots in the industry, Schultz is best known for her superb handling of powerful female characters. Her works like the urban fantasy series Forgotten Home are notable for handling complex issues. Schultz wants to do a series on Hawkwoman but set in her home planet Thanagar. She wants the Justice League animated series’ Hawkwoman to form the basis of her character. But the core focus would be the expansionist Thanagarian society.

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Jeff Harris Wants To Explore Superman’s Impact On Worlds Other Than Earth

Jeff Harris has gone for a full Superman pitch. But his idea is to show how the Man of Steel has influenced other alien worlds. Most writers make a mistake of showcasing Superman as an earth-bound hero despite him having saved the universe multiple times. How has the Big Blue Boy Scout affected alien species scattered across the cosmos?

Jim Zub Wants To Do One On Doctor Strange As He Dives Deep Into Other Mystic Realms

Jim Zub’s take on the Sorcerer Supreme would be rather interesting. Fans call him the next Steve Ditko because he is too damn brilliant just like the legendary comic book artist was.

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Dan Slott Wants To Do A Doctor Who Series

Dan Slott is mostly known for his incredible work on the legendary Amazing Spider-Man issues. His recent run on the Silver Surfer was also very well-appreciated. And it was clearly inspired by the relationship between the tenth Doctor Who David Tennant and his companion Rose. His love for the long running British sci-fi TV series would certainly pave the way for a great comic book series based on the traveling Time Lord.

Alex Segura Wants To Bring Back Renee Montoya’s Question But With More Noir & Crime-Drama


The second question – Renee Montoya, has been a highly underrated DC Superhero. Apart from featuring in one DC Movie, she has not had any major live action appearances. And that is something Alex Segura is not ready to accept. He wants to do a six issue series on the Question. But there would be a lot more action and drama as well as violence and noir.

If only the publishers would allow these writers to go ahead with their plans. The world would have been such a better place for it.

If only….

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