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Every DC Movie Batman Costume, Ranked

Every DC Movie Batman Costume Ranked

Steeped in subtle and dark hues, the Batman costume exudes a unique vibe across the superhero universe. Just a glimpse at his pointy ears and anyone can unmistakably recognize him. One of the most iconic faces of DC, the Dark Knight has got countless adaptations on the screen. As the years go by, his style evolves according to comfort, practicality, and fashion. If we look at the number, there is no shortage of Batman live-action movies in Hollywood, and it is only increasing over the years. In this list, we are going to look back to compare some of the best and the worst Batman costumes.

12. George Clooney: Batman And Robin

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This silver and glitzy Batman costume betrayed the very purpose of the Dark Knight, who is supposed to camouflage in the dark at night.

11. George Clooney (again): Batman And Robin 

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What was up with the body-tight suit that looked like it traced every little body part of Batman, inch by inch? 

10. Val Kilmer 1: Batman Forever

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This flexible and movable suit allowed us to watch Batman pull some amazing martial arts moves. But it couldn’t compensate enough for introducing Batman nipples. 

9. Ben Affleck – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Nightmare Scene)

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Batfleck’s wardrobe in the post-apocalyptic nightmare was something fresh and new. He donned a dystopian appropriate Batman costume with motorcycle goggles.

8. Adam West: Batman

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A typical comic book costume during the 1960s looked like this. Adam’s Batman suit soon became the Caped Crusader’s signature and the most iconic look, projecting the yellow belt and emblem. 

7. Michael Keaton : Batman 

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This suit received mixed reactions from fans. But it deserves to be appreciated for stepping out of the cliché skin-tight costumes.

6. Ben Affleck: Justice League

Batman Costume Ben Affleck Tactical Suit

Ben Affleck’s costume in Justice League was partially inspired by Night Owl in Zack Synder’s Watchmen. Batfleck’s suit was slightly leaner than the bulkier one in Batman Vs Superman. It exuded darker tones and was brilliantly armored. 

5. Val Kilmer: Batman Forever 

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Thankfully Val Kilmer’s second experiment ditched the nipples from the suit. The Batman emblem didn’t leave much room for it. Additionally, this darker adaptation also inspired the comic books to drop the yellow from the Batman sign. 

4. Christian Bale: Batman Begins

Batman Costume

This famous suit had both pros and cons. According to reports, it was so uncomfortable that Christian Bale channeled the discomfort into his acting. It connected him more to Bruce Wayne as he “used the pain as fuel for the character’s anger”. 

3. Michael Keaton: Batman Returns

Batman Costume Michael Keaton

The Bat-suit in Tim Burton’s second film underwent significant improvements. After dropping the plastic-like rubber look, Keaton’s costume started to look more realistic. Even the logo was changed into something closer to comic books.

2. Christian Bale: The Dark Knight

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In his attempt to strike a balance between reality and comic books, Christopher Nolan gave the most practical suit to Batman. It featured complex designs like a real-life combat suit to allow seamless movement. Even the cowl was separate from the rest of the costume, thus allowing free neck movement.

1. Ben Affleck: Batman V Superman

Batman Costume Ben Affleck

Poised to be on the top spot is Zack Snyder’s Batman. His version was largely influenced by Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns that featured a worn out and cynical Batman. Not only the personality of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, but even the costume bore resemblance to the comic book counterpart.

Written by Ipshita Barua