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DC Reveals New Black Adam Trailer Release date

When Warner Bros. suddenly yanked the carpet out from under everyone’s feet and entirely changed its DC Films schedule, audiences were extremely unhappy. In 2022, the audience was supposed to get four live-action films, but now only three will be released. The next film on the schedule is Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, which has been pushed back a few months to October. The film will chronicle the anti-hero Teth-Adam as he ascends to the throne of Kahndaq and assumes the title ‘The Black Adam’. His abilities are similar to those of Zachary Levi’s Shazam, as they are derived from the same source, however, you can’t assume for the pair to meet anytime soon.

Movie Poster of Black Adam
Movie Poster of Black Adam.

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The release date of Black Adam’s trailer:

Dwayne Johnson's instagram post on Black Adam.
Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram post.

Dwayne Johnson, who plays Black Adam’s eponymous role, has been outspoken regarding his affinity for the character, which has driven him to promote his debut film more aggressively than other lead stars. He’s now gone to social media, primarily Instagram, to share the schedule of a new teaser for his next DC Comics movie. Along with a new photo of himself in costume on the throne, the actor previewed a scene in the film.

“For the millions of you who know the Black Adam mythology – you understand the meaning and power of this throne. I made a promise to myself that I would not sit on the throne until we shot the actual scene where Black Adam has EARNED his right to take his sacred place on high. So I always just sat on the steps and did my homework… we finally filmed “the iconic moment” and what a moment it was… world Premiere of the BLACK ADAM trailer… JUNE 8TH…”.

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Dwayne Johnson boasts about his hero:

Dwayne Johnson in DC's upcoming movie.
Dwayne Johnson, in DC’s upcoming movie.

It seems premature to be promoting a trailer that won’t be out for another two weeks. Dwayne Johnson may have gotten ahead of the game on this one. It’s not a bad thing, though, when the starring actor is just as thrilled to work on their production as the audience is to watch it. So, what can fans hope to see? Another major action piece or two is a reasonable assumption. With additional time for VFX work to be completed, there are likely to be more trailer moment-type shots available for release. Perhaps, the new trailer will also provide some insight into who the film’s main threat will be. Later this year, on October 21, Black Adam will be released in cinemas.

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