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DC Star Ben Affleck Doesn’t Want To Meet Marvel Rival Chris Hemsworth: “I wouldn’t see him as much”

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DCEU star Ben Affleck has the most ridiculous concept of fame and it shows when the actor manages to stay humble even after decades in the industry, starting off with winning an Oscar at the young age of 25. The Argo actor has been getting back into the creative fold after spending years in the background under the constant duress of addiction. With Air and Artists Equity putting Affleck back on the rise again, the actor now finds himself at the center of the Hollywood spotlight and attention.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck Comments on Matt Damon & Chris Hemsworth

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been inseparable since their days at school. However, after Good Will Hunting, each found their calling elsewhere and they no longer were in need of the infamous shared bank account that they had opened together to survive the industry during their struggling artists’ era. 

Now, almost three decades later, while Matt Damon finds friendship among stars like Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck still retains his sly sense of humor and pokes a jab at his old friend saying: 

“I think that shows enormous character of Matt to be friends with a guy that much younger and better looking than him. Good in practice – but I don’t want to sit next to Chris Hemsworth in photographs so I applaud Matt.”

Matt Damon with Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi
Matt Damon with Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi

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Once that was cleared up, Affleck also went on to comment on how Damon’s friendship with Hemsworth has adversely affected him. And if not anything, his good-humored jab goes on to show how much better Affleck is doing currently, both physically and mentally.

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The Batman v Superman actor has been the leading man in billion-dollar franchises and he has been a part of numerous Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning films. Argo directed, produced by, and starring Ben Affleck was also one of the most highly acclaimed films that not only took home the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing at the 85th Academy Awards but also proved to be a serious display of Affleck’s directorial chops.

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck at the 78th Venice Film Festival in 2021
Matt Damon & Ben Affleck at the 78th Venice Film Festival in 2021

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So when a star of that potential openly critiques himself and displays a level of humility and comedy in drawing a comparison between himself and the Marvel star Chris Hemsworth, all the while ridiculing Matt Damon’s unlikely friendship with the latter, it truly makes one chuckle:

“Matt is quite good friends with Chris and his family – he loves Australia – and I really want to come and see it because the people that I’ve met from Australia I’ve really liked and gotten along with. There’s a wonderful spirit and energy about the people, and certainly Matt raves about it.

He’s often said if he could live somewhere, he’s tempted to just go live in Australia. My only misgivings about that is that I wouldn’t see him as much. But I’d love to come […] As long as I don’t have to take any shirtless pictures next to him.”

Amazon Studios Golden Globes Celebration - Inside
Chris Hemsworth & Matt Damon at the 2018 Golden Globes afterparty at Beverly Hills


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Affleck’s most recent film, Air, the very first production of Artists Equity (founded by Damon and Affleck) is already being hailed as the modern-day equivalent of Jerry Maguire. Air tells the story of how one business deal between the legendary Michael Jordan and Nike forever revolutionized the industry and was the definitive “inception of the sneaker culture” with the release of the first pair of Air Jordans.

Air premieres across the US on 5th April 2023.

Source: Insider

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