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DC Star Jesse Eisenberg Sued His Own Friend after Being Paid $3000 to Star in Low Budget Flick

DC Star Jesse Eisenberg Sued His Own Friend after Being Paid $3000 to Star in Low Budget Flick

While the world might get shocked by lawsuits and legal battles, it’s quite common for Hollywood celebrities to find themselves involved in real-life court proceedings. DC star Jesse Eisenberg is one among such renowned personalities who ended up getting involved in a legal battle following his cameo in Camp Hell

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Jesse Eisenberg

Well, to clear out, Jesse Eisenberg wasn’t the one who was getting sued. Apparently, the actor was the one who sued his friend after he was plastered on the DVD cover of Camp Hell, despite having only a brief cameo in the movie. Paid $3,000 for his cameo, Eisenberg and his legal team were shocked to see his face being used for the film’s marketing. 

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Camp Hell Forced Jesse Eisenberg To Take Legal Steps

Rising to popularity with his 2010 movie The Social Network alongside Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg further portrayed Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2017). However, before his net worth took a turn and Eisenberg became a household name, the actor decided to appear in a low-budget flick titled, Camp Hell.

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Camp Hell
Camp Hell (2010)

Helping his friends who were producing and directing the film, Jesse Eisenberg did a brief five-minute cameo in Camp Hell. For his appearance, the actor took the lowest pay of his career and agreed to do it for merely $3000. However, while trying to show an act of kindness and helping out friends, Eisenberg faced a sudden turn of events. 

Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse Eisenberg’s cameo in Camp Hell

Apparently, the situation took a turn when Jesse Eisenberg appeared on the DVD covers of the film, despite his five-minute cameo. It has been thus alleged that the studio tried to capitalize on Eisenberg’s fame and hoped his face would market the film and surge DVD sales. Thus the actor was forced to take legal action by launching a lawsuit worth $3M. 

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Jesse Eisenberg Sued His Friends For $3 Million And Defeated Lionsgate

Calling it a “fraud on the public”, Jesse Eisenberg and his legal team thus launched a lawsuit against the film. Claiming how the box art was used illegally in an attempt to profit off his name, the actor’s legal team revealed the whole thing in a statement, as shared by Uproxx

Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse Eisenberg sued Camp Hell for $3M

As a favour to friends, who were producing and directing a low-budget horror film called Camp Hell, Eisenberg agreed to perform for one day on the film in a small cameo role for minimal compensation. The distributors of Camp Hell are now attempting to fraudulently deceive and mislead the public and reap millions of dollars by capitalizing on Eisenberg’s newfound fame.” 

Thus, launching a $3M lawsuit against the film, the low-budget flick witnessed more harm than good. Further, it was mentioned by The Hollywood Reporter, how Eisenberg’s team got the upper hand in court, despite Lionsgate trying to hit back at the actor’s team and their claims. Beating Lionsgate in round one of the Camp Hell DVD lawsuit, Eisenberg never disclosed the final verdict.

Jesse Eisenberg
Eisenberg defeated Lionsgate in round one of the Camp Hell DVD lawsuit

In the end, after defeating Lionsgate in round one, since even the court suggested that Eisenberg had a strong likelihood, it was deemed that the actor won the case against the film. However, nothing was confirmed by either of the parties involved. 


Watch Camp Hell on Amazon Video. 

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Source: Uproxx, The Hollywood Reporter 


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