DC Superheroes Even The Cunning Spider-Man Will Have Trouble Outsmarting

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For many years now, Spider-Man has been overpowering everybody he has confronted. Peter Parker is a brilliant scientist who has engaged with a variety of clever opponents for years, outsmarting them and devising new ways to fight enemies far more powerful than himself on the go. However, the DC Comics is also chock-full of very strong and astute characters. Here is our list of 5 smartest DC superheroes who can outsmart even Spiderman:


1. Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman:

One of the DC superheroes who can outsmart Spider-Man.
Superhero protector of Gotham City.

It’s difficult to deny that Bruce Wayne is among the most intelligent DC superheroes. He’s studied the triumphs of some of the finest criminal investigators of all time, as well as some of the most bright scientific minds of many generations. He then took all of this information and combined it to become the World’s Greatest Detective. He’s always preparing and counter-planning for the worst-case scenario, and he’s prepared to cope with any challenge that comes his way.

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2. Victor Stone a.k.a Cyborg:

One of the DC superheroes who can outsmart Spider-Man.
A founding member of the Justice League: Cyborg.

In essence, Cyborg is a knowledge bank in human form. He’s been in charge of the Justice League’s technical division for quite some time. Consider him the Teen Titans and League’s IT expert. After being severely wounded in an accident, Cyborg’s only chance of survival was to be grafted into a robot. As a result, the majority of his physical parts are robotic. All of this adds up to Cyborg being able to execute any typical computer operation, such as manipulation and interaction with various types of technology. Cyborg also functions as a firewall for his friends due to his frequent upgrades.

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3. Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl:

One of the DC superheroes who can outsmart Spider-Man.
Gotham City vigilante: Batgirl.

Barbara Gordon was incapacitated for a while and assumed the identity of Oracle, a cyber whiz and informant to numerous crucial Justice League and Bat-family members. Prior to that, she had always been extremely intelligent, depending on her intellect to help her through difficult circumstances. Barbara’s wisdom as Oracle, on the other hand, grew as she gathered more data via her computer. Barbara continues to fight with her head rather than her strength now that she’s returned as Batgirl. As Barbara continues to demonstrate with every new assignment, these abilities make her even more lethal.


4. Kyle Rayner a.k.a Green Lantern:

One of the DC superheroes who can outsmart Spider-Man.
High-ranking member of the Green Lantern Corps from Earth.

Kyle Rayner battled against the universe’s biggest enemies on his own, with only his JLA allies occasionally assisting him. He thrived in the most improbable circumstances, which is why Spider-Man can’t outwit him. Rayner may not be quite as brilliant as a scientist, but he knows what he’s doing. He is one of the only DC superheroes who can understand things quicker than Spider-Man, and with the power ring on his side, he holds all the cards.

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5. Clark Kent a.k.a Superman:

One of the DC superheroes who can outsmart Spider-Man.
The last son of Krypton: Superman.

It may sound surprising to find the Man of Steel on this list, primarily since the makers usually opt to ignore his enormous intellect, but there is no denying that he is a bright guy. He has a big edge over his earth-based rivals because he is an alien, with the potential to outwit even the most complex supercomputer as long as he is underneath a yellow sun. Unfortunately, this is rarely acknowledged because it would make him appear even more powerful than he already is if he could simply rack his brain and fix all of his pressing problems.


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