DC Villains More Dangerous Than The Joker

Joker is one of the biggest fan-favourite villains in the DC Universe. It’s his quirkiness that makes him both evil and interesting at the same time. Nobody understands what this mysterious character wants and why he does what he does. The Clown Prince of Crime doesn’t possess any superpowers but his insanity and unpredictability cast terror all over Gotham city. His arresting character soon became a window to Hollywood and earned two actors their Academy Awards for portraying the notorious Joker. However, Joker isn’t the only interesting DC villain. Your minds will be blown away once you come across some of the other underrated, eccentric and clever bad guys from this superhero Universe. So, find out the DC villains who are more dangerous than the Joker.


They say that knowledge is power. And in this case, Brainiac’s biggest power and objective are what terrorizes even the invincible Superman. He was a humanoid alien who shrunk several cities of Earth, including Supe’s Metropolis, so he could unshrink them later to repopulate his planet. With a ship full of technology, drones and cities, Brainiac goes on to destroying planets to satiate his thirst for knowledge.

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Reverse Flash

The powerful speedster, Flash has bravely taken down countless villains in the comic books. But the only supervillain who can mess up Barry Allen is Reverse-Flash. He is not just any foe but a nightmare from Barry’s past, present and future that has brutally affected his life. Just like the Joker, Reverse-Flash isn’t after money or power but is fuelled by his hatred for Flash.

Talia Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul deserves more spotlight than she has got so far. Daughter of the infamous Ra’s al Ghul, Talia has proved that she has inherited the same brains and cold heart. She can throw superheroes and villains for a toss with her malicious shrewdness. Talia is capable of passionate love, but it has no power over her objectives. She fell for her biggest foe and enjoyed declaring war against him, just to ensure that he was worthy of her heart.


Unlike some villains who eventually turn into anti-heroes, Two-Face was a hero forced down this road by the system. The acid attack that scarred one side of his face signified something more than his appearance. It gave rise to his unstoppable duality which made Harvey Dent so compelling and unforgettable.


With compelling backstory, Deathstroke has left a powerful impact on the DC universe ever since his debut. He is an intriguing character who can run an issue all on his own. You can never predict in which state of mind he is- sometimes he’ll fight alongside heroes and sometimes he’ll take down all of them alone.

Captain Cold

Captain Cold is one of the coolest (no pun intended) and sassiest villains in the superhero world. A recurring foe of Flash, he brings less scary and more passion with him on the screen. The leader of Rogues, Captain Cold has successfully instilled a sense of loyalty and belongingness in the team. Though he fights the speedster with a cold gun, it’s never easy to catch this ingenious criminal.


If there is one bad guy who made Batman taste sore defeats on numerous occasions, it was Bane. He never had a normal childhood but grew up learning combat and mental skills in prison throughout his life. This gave Bane an edge over Batman and made him one of the few guys who have broken the Dark Knight.

Black Adam

Black Adam started as a villain and eventually evolved into an anti-hero. His motivations are much different from other villains, as he has a code of morals and also believes in his cause. He was the voice and strength of his people that brings tremor to the DC universe. Though Black Adam is a Justice League member now, we must know his backstory to understand him.

Written by Ipshita Barua