DC Villains Ranked That Can Take Up The Mantle Of Ra’s Al Ghul And His League of Assassins

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“To Manipulate The Fear In Others, You Must First Master Your Own.”- Ra’s Al Ghul

It’s undeniable as to why Ra’s Al Ghul is so influenced in making Batman his successor.
That is because of the shared traits of Batman.
As we all know, Batman is a master detective, a martial art expert, a billionaire businessman, master of disguise.
If Batman’s moral code didn’t come his way, he would be perfectly fit to become the next leader of the League of Assassins.
But sadly, The Dark Knight has declined the offer several times.
So possibly it’s best for Ra’s Al Ghul to seek for a new heir, who isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty and also perfectly knows how to lead a secret organization.
If The Dark Knight doesn’t accept the mantle, many others will be ready and worthy to follow Ra’s al Ghul’s footsteps.
Suppose these people are highly skilled combatants, acute leaders, and are determined to protect the planet despite being evil.
Then these 5 villains could serve as the potential heirs for Ra’s Al Ghul.


5. Two-Face:

If there is any other villain that shares Ra’s Al Ghul’s cynical view of the world and Gotham, it is Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face.
Harvey is well aware that corruption has seeped into Gotham and has thus ended up believing that there isn’t any justice left.
He has even controlled several large-scale criminal organizations, making him the right candidate to lead the League of Assassins while working in the shadows.



4. Jason Todd:


If Ra’s Al Ghul can’t get his hands on Batman to do the dirty work, he can get the next big thing of the bat-family, and that’s Jason Todd.
After being ill-treated by the Joker for moths, Jason left behind Batman’s ideology and adopted his own. This suggests that instead of giving criminals a second chance only to return to crime, they must be put to an end for good.
While he might delay a full-blown massacre, he would eventually take the league’s sources to kill those criminals.
Until and unless Ra’s Al Ghul convinces him.



3. Sinestro:

Like several other villains, Sinestro is a type of villain that believes ends justify the means, even if that means controlling with an iron fist, while the people living in fear. Sinestro and Ra’s- Al-Ghul would see eye to eye when managing the Earth’s overpopulation.
Though Sinestro doesn’t care about the Earth, he might assist Ra’s Al Ghul to prove to the Green Lantern Corps that he was right with his approach.



2. Lex Luthor:

Lex Luthor, the arch-nemesis to Superman, has had only one goal over the years.
That is to be on top of the man of steel and prove his supremacy to the Kryptonian.
While Lex’s wealth and intelligence are both awe-inspiring, thus placing him on equal grounds with Sups. But if he somehow manages to be the successor of Ra’s-Al-Ghul, then he might just be on top of Superman.
With the league, he can quickly kill all his enemies and give them kryptonite to get rid of Superman.



1. Joker: 
As laughable as it might sound, the Joker would make a distressingly worthy heir of Ra’s Al Ghul And His League of Assassins.
Once the two have worked together, but that didn’t work that well, Joker is one of the two persons to ever beat Ra’s Al Ghul in chess.
Though their partnership didn’t work well, that does not means they should not try again.
Even though Joker’s plans are weird, but the fact that can’t be denied is that he gets results and body counts.
A madman like the Joker who is unpredictable with him would make Ra’s Al Ghul’s work easy in cleaning the world.





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