DC Villains Who Could Kill The Sentry

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The Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns coursing through his veins. Can DC Villains take him down? If so, which of the DC Villains have what it takes?


Perpetua Is A Super Celestial


She is a recent addition to the DC Villains roster. She is an immortal being that was personally hand-picked by the Judges of the Source. Her powers make her not only the most potent being of the entire multiverse but even the known Omniverse. Perpetua gave birth to powerful entities like Mobius and the Monitor. When the Super Celestial tried to defeat the Judges of the Source with a weapon made out of the Multiverse, she was betrayed by her own kin, who then sealed her within the Source Wall. She was freed when the Dark Multiverse invaded and then allied herself with the Batman Who Laughs.

Darkseid Is The God Of Evil


DC’s God of Evil is not someone any hero would want to cross paths with. He has legions of soldiers, their numbers incalculable, under his command. Darkseid himself is a force of nature. Since his existence is a universal aspect, killing him would actually create imbalance within the universe. The Sentry is powerful and could absolutely wreck Darkseid’s armies. But he will have trouble facing Darkseid himself. That and the dude’s Omega Effect is not something to be trifled with.


Barbatos Destroys Universes


He was once a massive dragon under an entity known as the Forger’s command. The World Forge, where new worlds and universes were created, that is where Barbatos resided. When time came for a universe to die, Barbatos would be sent to take care of that job. Eventually Barbatos was corrupted and killed his master. He watched as the multiverse mutilated and the Dark Multiverse came into existence. Since the guy destroys entire universes, a single man with the power of a million exploding suns is no match for him.

Trigon Is The Most Powerful Demon Lord of Magic


An extra-dimensional demon who feeds on chaos and destruction, Trigon has longed to conquer Earth since time immemorial. DC Villains that have this much expertise and mastery of magic and sorcery are hard to come by. Trigon sits atop the very throne in that department. Ever since he was a child, Trigon is obsessed with conquering worlds. The Sentry would have a hard time dealing with a demonic lord who eats the Justice League for breakfast. In the universe he created for himself. Trigon is immortal and invincible. Push comes to shove, Trigon can teleport the Sentry to his dimension and that could be checkmate.

Brainiac Is A Cosmic Strategist


Not every time do you need to win a fight with brute force alone. Power has many forms. Some think through their fists. Brainiac on the other hand, likes to think his way out of a fight. While the rest of the DC Villains would throw everything they have at Sentry and hope it would work, Brainiac would take calculated risks. Using his drones, he would first analyze Sentry’s abilities and weaknesses and come up with a foolproof, viable solution. And if Sentry still manages to punch his way out, remember Brainiac is the same guy who goes toe to toe with Superman on occasions.


Doomsday Is An Unstoppable Engine Of Destruction


This guys is the perfect killing machine. You cannot kill him. You cannot stop him. Doomsday will just keep coming at you till you stop breathing and then move on to its next target. The guy is actually immune to death, being invulnerable to the way that killed him the last time every time he returns from the dead. The Void would probably have to take over since the Sentry alone cannot take down Doomsday. Then too, it is more or less game over since Doomsday will never back down until, at the very least, both of them die.

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