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DC Villains Who Should Be In Peacemaker

Peacemaker is just around the corner. And we want the hBO Max Peacemaker series to bring some much needed villainous aura to the small screens.

Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke


The last time we saw him was in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. And the dude left quite an impression. Manganiello’s Deathstroke looks and is badass. There is a DC Comic book arc where Peacemaker and Deathstroke team up to stop the villainous Kobra. That same arc could be adapted for the big screens and it would be a good way for bringing back Deathstroke from the Snyderverse to the new age DCEU movie-verse. Besides it will be interesting to see how the comically goofy Peacemaker interacts with the grim and arrogant Slade Wilson.



Sean Gunn‘s Weasel appeared for literally minutes in the entire movie. His character ‘dies’ early on in The Suicide Squad. The final few scenes of the movie show Weasel coming back to life and running into the jungle. Sean Gunn’s character has since become a fan-favorite. And in Peacemaker, he must get a better role than what he was served in the 2021 movie. To be honest we would not mind if Weasel teams up with Peacemaker and the two have a blast. Or maybe Peacemaker is sent to kill Weasel, who has since gone rogue.



She is an original character made for the DC Animated universe. She teams up with Star Sapphire and Aresia in the animated Justice League series. Their goal is to kill all the men in the world, leaving women to take over the planet. A master combatant, Tsukuri’s skills are in close combat. She is a contract killer and will do anything that she is paid for, no questions asked. Considering her line of work, we can imagine Peacemaker crossing paths with her in one of the episodes.


The Detachable Kid

The opening sequence of The Suicide Squad saw many of the characters dying a gnarly death. From Captain Boomerang to Mongal and Javelin, each death was as grisly as you would expect. But James Gunn has confirmed that Nathan Fillion’s T.D.K. is not dead yet. He lives, somehow. He was critically injured in the movie. So can we now expect T.D.K. to have cybernetic arms and legs? Or maybe he returns back in the flesh, in all his former glory and becomes the comic relief in Peacemaker. Nathan Fillion deserves some love, people!!

Amanda Waller


Waller is a force of nature in the DC Universe. Whatever she wants, she gets. There’s no two ways around it. If she wants a group of supervillains to do her bidding, no questions asked, then the supervillains will do her bidding, no questions asked!! In The Suicide Squad, Waller was betrayed by her own team as they let Bloodsport and the gang take on Starro and save thousands of innocent lives. While we are unsure if Waller makes a full-blown appearance in multiple episodes, having her make a cameo or a quest appearance is not out of the question.

General Wade Eiling

Wade Eiling

General Wade Eiling detests people with superpowers. He hates them so much that in Justice League Unlimited, he got powers of his own and tried finding meta-human heroes to fight (Jeez the irony). Also he hails from a military career. There must have been several encounters between General Wade Eiling and Waller already. Eiling is DC Comics’ answer to General Thunderbolt Ross. If the dude appears in Peacemaker, it may open up the possibility for the show to get another season since Eiling’s debut means a whole new can of worms just opened up.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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